The Blueprint team are back in the real world this week (as opposed to the mystical time-vortex that is the Christmas break) and all the better for it. As nice as it is, there’s only so much sitting down, eating and online sale-browsing that can be done before the creative fingers start to itch again. Here’s what we’ve been up to back in Lincoln and London this week:

Down in London

It’s been a fantastic first week back. Lots of new exciting projects have come in this week – Jan already shaping up to be a busy month for London, though once again Chris is largely sworn to secrecy about exactly what they are. Tsk tsk.

Chris has revealed that he’s just finished thee very final part of the epic Magna Carta 800 project that we’ve been working on (through various smaller projects) since mid-2015. The final piece of the long, historic puzzle is The Young Poets Anthology – A 72 page book containing poetry from Lincolnshire school children. Chris  finished designing and compiling the book this week ready for print!

Up in Lincoln

It’s been funding bids galore in the Lincoln office and Mikaela and Dave have been working their socks off to secure funding for our upcoming Flix In The Stix project. The project will see us partnering up with at least 8 villages across rural Lincolnshire to bring them a free mobile cinema, every month for a year! We’re super excited about the project (largely because we get to curate a season of movies we love, watch them on the big screen and share them with new faces across the county) and can’t wait to get it rolling!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 16.28.28

Mikaela has also been busy recruiting groups for a few upcoming short films we’ll be making with the Lincolnshire community. The first goes into pre-production next week; a genius idea we had, recruiting a local martial arts group to choreograph some fantastical Japanese martial arts sequences. In Dave’s words, ‘We’re going to make The Raid look like Antiques Roadshow!’. If all goes to plan the film could also be shown at – you guessed it – our next Japan Festival (pencil February 2017 into your diaries, you heard it here first). We’ll have a full announcement in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled, but for the moment that’s all a little hush-hush.

Join The Team (sort of)!

We’re recruiting again. Blueprint are on the lookout for a CGI artist/animator to work with us on a freelance basis, for a broad range of projects we’ve got in the pipeline. Ideally, we’d like someone we can partner up with on a long term basis, so theres the potential for lots of work coming your way! If you want more details, check out our listing over on Arts Jobs.

Freelance opp

What We’ve Watched!

The Revenant (Dave)
It’s too long and gruelling to recommend to everyone perhaps, but it’s an immensely impressive piece of visceral cinema. I’ve heard some call it too simple and shallow, but I see that as a plus point. It’s a big, bold and stripped down genre movie shot like an art house film, which is exactly the sort of thing I like to watch. Think Apocalypto, but less silly and more visually stunning. Speaking of which, as nightmarish as the shoot must have been, going out to remote locations and only shooting in the golden hour, the film looks bloody amazing. It’s a breathtaking piece of cinema that must be witnessed on the big screen. It isn’t going to tax your brain and you’re not in for an easy ride, but if you can stomach it, the film has the power to grip and astonish like few others.


The Revenant (Mikaela)
Dave has literally said all of my thoughts. Apart from Thank you, Odeon screen unseen for letting us watch this great masterpiece for a fiver, a couple of weeks before release.


The Intern (Mikaela)
Oh Anne, Oh De Niro. What happened? The film was heartwarming, with a surprisingly charming back-and-fourth between the unlikely pair that lead the film, but it was also so very cringe-worthy. I actually winced at some of the most cheese-tactic moments, and it’s constant, relentless attempt to remain modern and ‘down with the kids’. Exhausting. But it did make me laugh at times. I guess it’s the kind of thing you watch on a Sunday afternoon, and then immediately forget and never tell anyone about.


Film of the Year 2015
Blueprint: Review have catalogued a range of their trusty reviewers films of the year for 2015. It’s the only top films list you need to worry about. Check it out here.

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