As the worlds Christmas shopping deadlines near, so do ours. It’s been heads down here at Blueprint: Film as next week marks our final week in the office (wahey!). So when we haven’t been blaring out Christmas music and showing off our absolutely shocking carol voices (really, we might as well be yodelling), we’ve been busy racing to get all of the work finished, wrapped up and sent off in time for Christmas, in hopes that this time next week all we’ll need to do is eat, drink, be merry and talk about Star Wars.

Festival800 Book

Ah, what better way to start the blog than with some self-promotion. You might remember earlier this year Chris did some fantastic design work for Festival800 – their website, brochure etc, and also their limited edition book ‘800’. Festival800 was a cultural and artistic response to the Magna Carta. The book is a collection of commissioned poems from the likes of Poet Laureate Carol Anne Duffy, Imtiaz Dharker and Gillian Clarke, as well as a cultural representation of Lincolnshire today, filled with stories of local people and how it’s people have been affected by the themes of the Magna Carta. Only 1215 copies of the book have been printed, with 800 of those being distributed to Commonwealth heads of state, The British Library, world leaders and Lincolnshire schools and libraries.

The final 415 copies of the book are currently on sale here, so do go and look at Chris’ fantastic work and perhaps pick up a little piece of history while you’re at it.

800 Book


Perhaps the best Christmas gift for ourselves: Vigilante the movie is almost complete. Finally. By the end of the year the feature film we’ve been working on for approximately 7000 years will be finished! Dave has been busy this week giving the edit a tiny tidy up here and there, and listening to a full draft of the final sound mix. It’s been so exciting to see what a difference that little extra something can give the film! Darren made the trip from London up to Nottingham to watch through the final film with the colour grader this afternoon. Everyone is giddy with excitement to finally see all the elements come together and to watch a final cut of the film!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 16.43.08

More Secrets from Chris

Chris, the world leader in secret keeping has been busy finalising more projects we can’t actually tell you about. I know, the rest of us are sorry. We’ve been through this with the Pizza Express project before and now it’s happening again. What we can tell you is that the exciting product design project he’s been busy with is getting very close to completion. We’re now editing the film to go alongside the launch and we’ve been using our best Blue Peter skills to create the packing mock ups to film. Liberal use of double sided sticky tape has occurred.

We’ve also been finalising the details for an exciting new film for a really cool, innovative product (ooooh). We can’t wait to get shooting in the New Year and share the results with everyone. We just wish we could say more right now! Blame Chris.

What We’ve Watched

Jessica Jones (Mikaela)
Yes. Can I just write yes? I’m not usually a lover of the Superhero film/TV series/anything but I thoroughly enjoyed this. David Tennant was fantastic as the almost cartoonish Killgrave, representing the ridiculousness that I expect from Marvel. Surprisingly, they dropped him into a very dark world, where his villainous actions took effect on real people (whose lives aren’t necessarily all that great to begin with). Being a superhero in Jessica Jones’ world doesn’t necessarily mean you get to win, or in fact be a hero at all. I enjoyed the way the series focussed on the gritty lives of it’s characters (largely female, so thank you Netflix for your continued confidence in diversity on screen) with Marvel’s trademark upbeat outlandishness taking a bit of a backseat.


Bridge Of Spies (Dave)
Some more solid, classy filmmaking from Spielberg and Hanks. It’s hard to fault, but I felt it lacked drama so didn’t blow me away and left me appreciating the film, but not raving about it. Plus the ending is a bit cheesy which slightly spoiled what had come before. Overall it’s very good though and is full of strong writing and performances which are a pleasure to watch.


Bridge Of Spies (Chris)
I largely agree with Dave’s comments. Very solid but just lacking in some way. I did find myself strangely moved by the end of it but it’s just a little bit dull to be honest. It had so much potential which lets it down for me. Great cast, brilliant director, true story, and a time period and setting I’m fascinated by. I just left wishing it was so much better. Shame.


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