It’s here! It’s officially December and we’re all extremely excited. Probably a little too excited, but that’s okay. If you’ve been following us on Twitter you’ll notice the tweets have been getting a lot more festive, and a lot cuter. Follow us at @Blueprintfilm for lots of great film updates, general Christmassy natter and lots of pictures like this:

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What have we been up to?

On a more serious note, we have been keeping busy in the run up the the holidays. Finishing up all the final bits and bobs and setting up fun new filmmaking projects across London and Lincoln ready for the new year!

Chris and Mikaela have had their heads buried in paperwork this week, getting to grips with lots of funding bids. We’ve got some fantastic community projects in the works for next year and it’s been their job to get everything well and truly in order!

Alongside this, Chris has also been busy developing the User Interface for the App we are making in collaboration with The Ropewalk in Barton. The Barton App will use Geo-location tagging to create an interactive map that walks users around Barton’s many Historical landmarks. When the user reaches a landmark, the map will reveal exciting hidden content, including short films and archive imagery from the site.

Dave on the other hand, has not had a busy week. Dave had two relaxing days live webcasting bowls tournaments in Lincoln’s Bowling green followed by three days of holiday! Live streaming is one of the newer services we offer here at Blueprint: Film. We can live stream/webcast a wide variety of events with our state of the art equipment. Email for more details.


We know it’s been a while since we gave you and Vigilante updates, but we haven’t given up on it. We’ve been busy grafting away in the background and (finally) we have a bit of good news! Darren sat down with our sound designer this week to fine tune the sound mix for Vigilante. We’re having a few adjustments made to the final colour grade, ready for the project to be signed off next week. Next week! It’s been a long old wait but Vigilante feature film is (almost) complete!


What We’ve Watched

Carol (Darren)
The craft is almost perfect – one of the best soundtracks of the year, the sound, costumes, locations; the prodeuction design, the movement of the camera, the performances were all stunning…. But I didn’t care enough.


Carol (Mikaela)
I felt the same as Darren, which is unusual. It was absolutely stunning in every way but I found myself a bit too easily distracted. It didn’t captivate me, which was unfortunate.


The Act Of Killing (Darren)
Fascinting and hoarrowing docvumentary, but I shouldn’t have watched the directyors cut. 44 minutes extra of syaing exactly the same thing… Slowed it down far too much and ultimately became more boring than it should.


What We Do In The Shadows (Darren)
I thought I’d either love it, or hate it. But actually just thought it was okay. Mildly entertaining, but not close to being funny enough.


Day of The Outlaw (Dave)
A much meaner western than Shane, but almost equally as brilliant. Read the rest of Dave’s review over on Blueprint: Review.


Shane (Dave)
My grandad’s favourite film could quickly become mine if this first time watch was anything to go by. Read the rest of Dave’s review over on Blueprint: Review.


The Quiet Man (Dave)
John Ford’s classic award winning romantic comedy has aged somewhat, but is still enjoyable enough. Read the rest of Dave’s review over on Blueprint: Review.


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