Things -though busy- have been a bit quiet for us here at Blueprint: Film this week! Not because we haven’t had things to do (there’s always plenty to do) but because half the team has been prancing around the world on their holidays! While Darren has been having a well deserved break in Paris, David has been racking up some family time in Finland. Which has left Chris and Mikaela to claim ownership of their respective London and Lincoln Offices. One-man office dance party anyone?

What’s kept us busy?

Secret Projects
Unfortunately (since we have half the staff we usually do) it might be a short Round Up this week. On the plus side, we can mostly blame Chris for that, because once again he’s working on some sort of secret project that none of you can know about. He’s been busy flexing his design muscles for most of the week for a great new project we’re really excited about, but you do have to be kept in the dark for a while, sorry.

Mikaela has also been busy editing away this week putting together the final Festival800 video. We’ve previously done a lot of work alongside the Lincolnshire Festival that acted as an artistic response to the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, including Design work for their website, brochure and Limited Edition 800 book.

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Mikaela has been busy getting the wheels turning on our Film Heritage project in collaboration with Film London and the London Film Archives. During the project -which starts in January- we will be working together with groups of young people (aged 11-25) in Bromley and Merton to create new short films from existing archive footage of their local areas. During the project we will also be encouraging the local communities to donate new footage to their local archives. Mikaela has been busy chatting to local groups about the opportunity to be a part of our project, while Chris has been taking a first look at the archives!

What We’ve Watched

Peep Show (Mikaela)
I wouldn’t usually review a TV show here until I’ve watched the entire season but Peep Show is back!!! I’m a little excited; very late on the Peep Show uptake I watched all the other seasons last year, and have since eagerly awaited the final instalment. This Wednesday’s gift from Channel 4 did not disappoint, it was Peep Show exactly as it should be. I have to respect Channel 4 for never trying to make Peep Show any shinier – they’ve never even changed the title sequence and I relish in it’s excellent rubbish-ness.


Master Of None (Mikaela)
Aziz Ansari is back with his own comedy series. After unashamedly ploughing through all 7 seasons of Parks & Rec (twice) and every Aziz stand-up available on Netflix I was ready for this to not be terrible. It did not disappoint! Every episode is laced with Aziz’ trademark wit and littered with intelligent social observation. The series remains lighthearted but doesn’t shy away from making points on feminism, diversity on screen and even respecting your parents. Heartwarming & hilarious all at once. I just wish there was more episodes.


Girlhood (Mikaela)
Although the coming of age structure of girlhood is not unique, the film itself offers an insightful, honest and refreshing perspective on the genre. Girlhood was speckled with moments of joy and triumph as well as darkness, sadness and everything in between. The ending gave me no clear direction of hope or destruction instead, just posed the idea that life would go on. I enjoyed its realism and accuracy and the way this was contrasted with stunning, filmic visuals.


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