It’s here! The weekend is here! No we’re joking, we’re actually excited because it’s the round up blog!(Which does also signify that the weekend is here). This week our Lincoln office has been especially busy with some exciting new projects, read on to find out more!

What have we been up to?

Dave has finished his travels around the midlands this week and finalised the first cut of the Autumn NCS lip dub film! Everyone has worked hard on the project so it’s been great to see it come together, and it’s looking great. We’re looking forward to it being screened at graduation ceremonies across the East Midlands.

Mikaela begun a first draft of our edit for Lincoln’s recent Festival 800 event, in celebration of the Magna Carta. During the festival Mikaela and David carted our cameras all over Lincoln capturing the best parts of what was a fantastic week. Now it’s time to condense all that footage into a video!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 16.27.26

Flix In The Stix
Mikaela has been busy this week beginning the first stages of next years Flix In The Stix project! Flix In The Stix is a rural cinema project where we will team up with eight Lincolnshire villages and provide each one with a monthly screening at our travelling cinema! So far we’ve had some really positive feedback and a lot of local villages are really excited by the idea! We’re looking forward to the next stages of funding -and our favourite part – curating a year’s worth of fantastic cinema!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 16.28.28

What We’ve Watched

Junun (Dave)
This is Paul Thomas Anderson’s unexpected music doc collaboration with Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, which was screened exclusively on Mubi.  The music’s great, but as a documentary it’s nothing special. It’s just a no-nonsense snapshot of the recording process, which admittedly looked like something quite unique, but the film hardly delves into it. It just presents us with footage. I still enjoyed watching the film (largely because of the music), but I wouldn’t get excited about Paul Thomas Anderson’s name being attached.


Spectre (Chris)
So what if the tone is all over the place, the villain’s lair looks like something out of thunderbirds and 2 of the main set piece chase sequences were too dark to work out who should be dying… I’m just very forgiving of Bond to be honest so would happily watch it again. I sort of don’t want to analyse it too much out of fear of the result!


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