As October is drawing to a close we’ve noticed that autumn is well and truly here. We’ve even had to turn on the office heating; the true British signifier that summer has been dismissed. This weekend the clocks will go back – and we’ll all be very glad for that extra Sunday morning hour. Before we unleash ourselves upon the wintery weekend, we’ve just a tiny bit more work to do: it’s the weekly Round-Up blog. Grab a cuppa, and find out what we’ve been up to at Blueprint: Film HQ.

What’s Happening Lincolnshire?

Japan Festival
So as we know, Japan Festival is over, but it’s not been forgotten just yet. We’ve had a few bits of admin and evaluating to do, but as a film production company we couldn’t say no to the idea of putting together a lovely little video to sum up the wonderful week that was had. Mikaela has been busy editing away this week, and you’ll be able to see the video soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Clip #200 copy

Goole Bonfire
Dave has been busy editing a narration for Goole’s bonfire night performance.  Every year Blueprint: Film team up with Shooting Fish on a creative project for the Goole Bonfire and this year is no different. 2015’s piece takes the form of a radio play that will be accompanies by shadow puppetry and performances from young people in the area. Our play takes the audience back in time to 1926, when Goole celebrated its centenary. The evening closes with an extravagant fireworks display, the event will be a fun family night out!

Down In London Town

Chris has been brushing up on his French while producing a French language version of our Technifoamer promotional video for QJS. With a big export opportunity in Europe we’re updating the motion graphics in the films to best promote the products to a new market.


Reading Eyes
Chris has also been putting some final touches to a new e-commerce website – readingeyes. Our product photography and design is all in place now with a full launch due very soon! Here’s a sneak peak of Chris’ handiwork:


It’s all systems go on our Genesis project that begins on Monday! Darren has bee tirelessly organising a 14-week course for the young unemployed. The course is entirely free to participants, who gain a real qualification to help them kick-start their careers in the creative industry! The course will be run as part of our Blueprint: Film Academy and is open to 18-25 year olds in the Woodberry Down area.


What We’ve Watched

Dope (Mikaela)
Firstly, ASAP Rocky is a terrible actor – stick to the rap game ASAP. Other than that I found the film pretty enjoyable, it took a strong stance on thoughtless representations and stereotyping of black youth which is something Hollywood really needs (though it was a very roundabout way of doing it and I don’t think it hit the mark quite as well as Dear White People did). And I’d just like to shoutout the costume designer on this because there were some truly immaculate wardrobe choices that really set the tone and made the characters who they were.


Kings Of Summer (Mikaela)
Heartwarming, and also heart-crushing in places; this is the kind of film I enjoy watching on a rainy Sunday. It had just the right amount of spirit to make it sweet, endearing and comical.


AfterDeath (Dave)
This Brit horror movie had an interesting concept (5 people wake up dead in a bizarre purgatory), but is terribly executed so falls flat:


The Firemen’s Ball (Dave)
Before the great One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest, Milos Forman made gems like this in his native Czechoslovakia:


The Naked Prey (Dave)
This survivalist thriller is a bit dated but still raw and exciting:


Estranged (Dave)
This Brit horror was the opposite of AfterDeath, so a cliched story that was pretty well executed:



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