We’re sure some of you are filling up with that Friday Feeling this afternoon, but here at Blueprint we’re excitedly (and rather nervously) starting the countdown to Japan Festival! As you can imagine it’s been a nail-biting week for us, but in true Blueprint fashion, there’s been plenty more than that keeping us busy up in Lincoln and down in London. Grab a cuppa, sit back and catch up: here’s the round-up.

In the Lincolnshire Studio

Dave has been busy editing away this week, he’s been working on a project with Shooting Fish Theatre Company. They’ve been working with groups of children to create their ‘Talent Quest’ film. It’s a devious spin on the reality TV contest format, where contestants in a wide-spanning talent competition are taken out of the contest one by one, by an unknown villain.  It’s a bit silly at times, but in the best possible way!

Needless to say, Dave and Mikaela have also been very busy with Japan Festival! It’s been a Press Release and marketing blitz from the Lincoln Office! Dave and Mikaela have been running around spreading our Japan Festival brochures all over the city, publicising via social media, managing the events pages, contacting news outlets, creating listings and preparing for tomorrows big promotional event! Mikaela will be in City Square from 9am tomorrow, equipped with a Wii, a group of Taiko Drummers, approximately 1 billion brochures and crack team of trusty volunteers. They’ll be in the city centre all day making sure everyone in the city knows about the festival!

Mikaela has also been working on some marketing design for our lesser known events, including creating a new poster for our Pecha Kucha event at Brewhaus!

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 15.58.28

We’re also really excited to announce that we’ve sold out our Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy workshop, Origami workshop, Sushi Workshop & Playfinders events! Thankfully we have added extra workshops in Calligraphy and Origami for those who missed out! We’ve also got lots of other amazing events going on that simply cannot be missed. To see the full schedule, head over to www.japanfestival.co.uk.

London Town!

Chris has been keeping busy over in our Bethnal Green studio, working on the poster for Shooting Fish’s Goole bonfire event. This year sees the event drawing on the history of the park in which it is held, and in particular the centenary pageant held in 1926. Using the original 1926 programme design as inspiration we have created a design that draws from the past but highlights the spectacle of the annual theatrical bonfire and firework extravaganza!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.35.42

Chris has also been busy unleashing his photography skills in a new project we have with a website we are creating for a new range of reading glasses!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.45.38

What We’ve Watched

Mommy (Dave)
Xavier Dolan has been making quite a name for himself over the last 6 years, with 5 films already under his belt all getting some decent reviews. This seems to be his most universally praised film and I’d have to agree. Dolan’s montages and stylistic flourishes can feel a bit flamboyant and unnecessary at times, but largely the film is very powerful, brilliantly performed and thought provoking. Taking an impressively unvarnished look at parenthood, it explores the complex relationship a mother has with her incredibly difficult and frequently violent son, who suffers from severe ADHD and attachment issues. The core drama is very well handled, but I was torn on the decision to shoot/present most of the film in the square 1:1 ratio. I found it very distracting for the first 15 minutes or so, but it did a good job of making the audience feel as trapped as the characters. The couple of times it breaks out of this format made it all feel a bit gimmicky, but those sequences certainly made you feel free for a moment. All in all then, it’s an interesting and finely crafted film and is further proof that Dolan is a director to keep an eye on.


The Exorcist (Dave)
I haven’t seen this for at least 15 years, so it was great to give it another look, especially on the big screen (thanks to The Ritz). I’d forgotten how unusual it was. It’s not your typical cheap scare horror movie and works as well as a drama about loss of faith as anything else. Even though everyone remembers the over the top possession sequences, most of the film moves at a slow burn, making for an unsettling watch, rather than a jump-scare fright-fest. It does have some truly disturbing sequences though. I actually find the medical procedures as unpleasant as the pea-soup spewing scenes, but the bedroom scenes have an intensity to them that keeps them powerful despite the numerous spoofs we’ve seen since its release.


Silicon Valley (Mikaela)
I have watched both seasons in shockingly fast succession. After finishing Parks & Rec I really needed another great comedy and this suited my needs just fine. It’s exactly the nerd-comedy that Big Bang Theory wants to be, but it’s actually funny, rather than just stress-inducingly awkward. Saying that I cannot get to grips with T.J Millers character, dial it down a notch TJ!


Narcos (Mikaela)
Netflix does it again. I was actually really surprised that this didn’t round off comfortably – something about it being a biopic made me assume they would tell it all in one season. They didn’t, the cliff-hanger pleasantly surprised me and I’m looking forward to another stylish season.


Weekend Of Trash (Dave)
I enjoyed a whole weekend of watching a wide variety of trashy nonsense and reviewed everything at Blueprint: Review!

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