This week was pretty exciting for us because we started flexing our social media muscles and expanded our reach all the way to Pinterest. You can now browse through our boards, ranging from film-making, to pugs, to innovative designs, to things that inspire us.

This week was also pretty great because of Pancake Day


Pancakes are food


People really love taking photos of food


Pinterest is the perfect place to store photos


It’s all connected.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”  – George Bernard Shaw

Eat that up folks…

Our Working Week

So aside from binging on sugary treats and visual feasts, we have had plenty going on this week:

We’ve starting filming with QJS in Saxilby, shooting a series of product videos for their new Technifoamer range. We worked with Eminox, on a similar project, to create a product video for their SCRT exhaust solution, so we knew we were the right team for the job. Of course, things don’t always go to plan…


Thankfully, we didn’t play any part in this little tragedy, the forklift couldn’t quite support the Q2 System after it’s strength was tested with a bucket of water.


We’ve also been keeping busy with NCS, spending the whole week shooting their progress. I had an epic week full of NCS filming which involved plenty of thrills and spills during the adventure weekends at PGL & the Pioneer Centre, followed by lots of group activities during phase 2. This culminated in the ultimate phase 2 extravaganza at the Athena Theatre in Leicester, which was an amazing venue where the NCS participants enjoyed cake decorating, boxing, make-up and busking workshops alongside lots of singing and dancing. Here’s a sneak peek into an NCS phase 2 venue – with chandeliers, incredibly rich lighting and a purple sheen, its like a Cadbury chocolate wrapper found its way into Studio 54.



Yesterday we recorded the final voiceover for our Sandvik Health and Safety film series. Sob… we’re gonna miss the Moose and the Canary….

Today we’ve been creating the branding for a Mental Health Arts Festival in Lincolnshire. We’ll also be making a documentary film of the festival in the next few weeks.Insider Arts Festival branding

One of our team had their first Awards for All workshop at X-Church, which consisted of a group of 5 enthusiastic youngsters in a very noisy hall. Amidst battling against the neighbouring band practise, they managed to shoot a short scary scene as a taster to what’s to follow.


Our favorite animator, Will Wivell brought his Impossible HQ camera in with him to our Lincoln office, it turns digital images into instant photos
We were pretty eager to see how it turned out….




It worked a treat.


In London, we were back at the Alzheimer’s Society in Tower Hamlets for Singing For The Brain, each week we attend, it becomes more and more apparent just how essential and amazing this service is.


Darren watched the latest cut of Vigilante with the final score in place and very close to the final sound design and visual effects. So close now!!!


Films we saw:

It Follows
“A simple but interesting concept executed brilliantly. You could easily pick flaws and holes in the plot, but overall I thought it was great. It combined a nice mix of classic horror tropes to create an original and compelling whole. It wasn’t the scariest film I’ve ever seen, but it had a wonderfully creepy atmosphere, a fantastic retro soundtrack and certainly had me on edge walking home afterwards. The ending may disappoint some, but I thought it was perfect. I enjoyed every minute of it.” – Dave

The Theory of Everything

“Not usually a fan of biopics, but this film is so heartbreaking, so tragic, it’s hard to watch, but brilliantly realised.” – Darren

The Apartment

“A film from 1960 starring the outstanding Jack Lemmon and Shirely MacLaine. A beautiful, funny, touching film. Thank you Netflix.” – Rebecca


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