It’s finally Friday again and that means another of our Weekly Round Up’s! This week we’ve had lots of preparation and promotion for our upcoming Japan Festival, and plenty more to keep us on our toes. Read the full story below!

Japan Festival!

On Thursday we faced the freshers over at the University of Lincoln to tell them all about Japan Festival!| As well as handing out our pretty new leaflets to attract interest in our action packed festival, we offered people the chance to win a Nintendo Amiibo!  Competitors had to complete the first level of the original Super Mario Brothers in the fastest time.  David tried his best to be the victor, but was narrowly beaten by a gaming pro who was determined to win the prize.  Throughout the day we spoke to numerous enthusiastic students and even got offered an exciting new performance to be added to our gaming event.

We’ll also be heading town to the Brewhaus Freshers Market this Sunday, fully equipped with our Wii and a billion leaflets (approximately)!

Mikaela was also lucky enough to head over to Casa Wabisabi Sushi Club, to test out her Sushi rolling skills! She got some practice in before our Sushi workshop, which is now completely sold out! Here are her creations!


We’ve just launched our new Genesis project as part of Blueprint Film Academy, where 18-25 year olds in East London can utilise their love for filmmaking and work with professionals to achieve an arts award qualification. The free filmmaking course is held in Woodberry Down, Hackney and is 14 weeks long and covers everything from learning camera techniques, editing software, light & sound and much more!

All places are now filled, but keep in touch with the progress at


What We’ve Watched

Legend (Darren)
I love the Krays, and quite love Tom Hardy, so was excited about this; but after seeing the trailer, I thought it looked way too silly. But actually it was pretty good! It is silly and cartoony in places, but there’s some great stuff in there too and ultimately an entertaining couple of hours to spend your time.

Legend (Chris)
I thought Tom Hardy gave (2) really great performances which carried a film lacking a particularly tight narrative. Slightly comic, weirdly eye opening and occasionally horrific (and I’m not just talking about some of the CGI work!), but really quite enjoyable.


The Breakfast Club (Dave)
This was actually a first time watch for me, which is unusual given that I have a soft spot for 80’s teen movies.  Did it live up the hype?  Not quite.  It’s rather flawed – for one, the cheesy textbook ending seems totally against the message developed through the rest of the film and also, what’s with the random dancing sequences?!  However, I admired the use of a single location to keep the film focused and character driven.  The dialogue is often very sharp too, with some excellent put downs and come backs.  So all in all, it’s no masterpiece, but it’s an enjoyable and fairly unique take on the teen movie.


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