Where has summer gone!? The icy British wind has made a sudden appearance and whisked away any hopes of a warm September. But work does not stop when good weather does, so it’s been onward and upward for Blueprint!

Pizza Express Moments

So last week we revealed that we’ve been working on an online marketing campaign for Pizza Express, with TV magician Damien O’Brien posing as a Pizza Express waiter, and surprising customers with some amazing magic tricks! Chris has been busy finalising the edit and the video was released on Wednesday! We’re so pleased with the finished result, the video racked up more than 100,000 views on Facebook alone in it’s first day! a great success! Take a look at the video below!

EBP’s Brand Film

In between the pizza magic over the last few weeks Chris has been beavering away on a brand overview film for our friends over at EBP to highlight all the great work they do to support young people in Lincolnshire and Rutland through education and training opportunities and of course, NCS! It’s quite a graphics heavy production so After Effects has been in overdrive for a couple of days! We’re hoping to have the full length version out next week with some additional shorter versions coming soon after.

EBP Brand Stills


This week Lincoln has played host to some truly amazing events, and lucky for Dave and Mikaela, Blueprint have been asked to cover them! From Europes largest Steampunk Festival, to a talk from one of the worlds youngest Haulocast survivors, live music from bands controversially banned in there own countries, we’ve seen and heard some amazing and inspiring things around Lincoln this week. We’ll be putting together a video that documents what’s gone on at the festival, so keep your eyes peeled for the footage!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 19.48.34

What We’ve Watched

The Man From U.N.C.L.E (Chris)
After a about a 2 month gap (Cineworld unlimited making money on me!) I finally found the time to drag myself to the cinema to see Man from U.N.C.L.E. – It was a fun, slick little film. Far more comic than I expected. It felt like cross between Oceans 11 and James Bond in full on comedy 70’s Roger Moore mode. Hard not to just go with it and enjoy really.


Pound Of Flesh (Dave)
Pound of Flesh sees Jean Claude Van Damme out to find the bad guys who stole his kidney! Yes it’s as silly as it sounds. The reason he wants his kidney back is that it was due to be given to his dying 11 year old niece, so there’s added poignancy or at least that’s the idea. Instead it makes the film awkwardly cheesy as well as clumsily written and put together. It also features the worst in car green screen shots I’ve ever seen, making for some unintentionally hilarious scenes where Van Damme and friends trundle around in their bizarrely boxy van for far too much of the film. Terrible.


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