And that’s the first month of the year out of the way, happened pretty quick huh?

The internet was a flutter with ridicule/admiration/loathing/dismay for the French couple who wanted to name their child Nutella; rather brazenly, this is the week that we changed our name to Blueprint: Film.

Rather than cower away from the dissent, we poked a stick at the fire BECAUSE WE’RE NOT SCARED.

Originally, we had two separate arms of the company, but we’ve decided to simplify things and have one company name that encompasses what we do -Film.

Sure, the internet doesn’t care that our video production company changed its name from Blueprint: Creative to Blueprint: Film, but surely, you, dear reader, do.




To reward you, here are some inane details about our week:


Green scenery and exercise is meant to be beneficial for your health right? I’m not sure that health professionals had this in mind….



We were capturing some Bowls footage via live-stream in Lincoln early in the week for NOSP   *nailed that Healthy January Promise*

We kicked off our journey with Into Film in their See It Make It project at Boston College and West Walton Primary, beginning the film making workshops on how to create, develop and write a story.

In his latest film, Johnny Depp proved that he has the same willpower as a teenager at a frozen yoghurt store, throwing caution to the wind and embracing a DON’T HOLD BACK attitude. Sometimes less is more, ya know?



(disclaimer – I fully admit to not having seen Mortedcai, but from the trailer alone one can gather that it’s a big ol’ boring mess, critics have ignited a vitriolic rampage against the feature in a similar vein to The Interview)

Luckily, our team have been managing to see some of the more worthy films in circulation at the moment: Birdman, Whiplash, Ex-Machina, The Imitation Game – we’ll soon create a podcast to be posted to Blueprint: Review.


Top of the Internet:

On the Creators Project, Musii : The Inflatable Instrument You Play with Hugs. One of the sweetest, coolest progressions in sensory art, musii is allowing all sorts of kids the opportunity to express themselves.






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