This week has been a hectic week of planning and nail-biting for Blueprint: Film, we have some huge projects and nerve-wracking deadlines on the horizon but the challenges don’t scare us! In fact we’re really excited to share some of our hard work with you, so here it is: The Round Up Blog. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and catch up with us!

The Secret Project

Unfortunately one of our biggest projects is still very, very secret. We mentioned how excited we are a few weeks ago to have landed an online marketing campaign for an amazing high-street brand. Well next week we go into the shoot! As you can imagine it has been an monumentally busy week for our Bethnal Green office, where Darren and Chris have been managing the campaign. The ambitious shoot will be a tough one but we’re more than up to the challenge and we can’t wait until we can publicise the campaign! Keep your eyes peeled, as there will be updates in the next few weeks!

Lincoln… And Japan!

Up in Lincoln things have been pretty busy too. Dave has been away on shoot with Shooting Fish Theatre Company for the latter part of the week, while Mikaela has continued powering through plans, schedules and bookings for our upcoming Festival of Japanese Culture in Lincoln.

The festival will be taking place from Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th October 2015, with a full schedule being released in the coming weeks! Mikaela has been working tirelessly to book in acts and events for each night of the week. This week we’re pleased to announce Anime legend Helen McCarthy will be coming to deliver a talk in the beautiful Venue Cinema. Helen is not the only speaker we have; with all of us here at Blueprint being creators and lovers of film we had to sneak in a few more screenings. Alongside Helen, BFI curator and writer Jasper Sharp will also be delivering a talk, this time at the beautiful, newly-restored Ritz cinema.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 17.06.28

As well some screenings of incredible Japanese films, including Yojimbo, Onibaba and Howls Moving Castle, we have an amazing schedule of events. Mikaela has been working with some amazing people and venues to pull together this years cultural festival. Some of our favourite venues including Brewhaus (pictured below) and The Horse and Groom are both playing host to some truly unique events that we are so excited to be bringing to the city. If you want to be the first to know about new developments in Japan Festival, sign up to our mailing list!

What We’ve Watched

Kingsmen (Mikaela)
I can see why a lot of people took to this playful and stylish spoof, but something about it just rubbed me the wrong way. It’s cheesy brand of humour wasn’t quite spoof-y enough, or funny enough for that matter. It brought me to a frown, unfortunately.


Wet Hot American Summer – Netflix Series (Mikaela)
More comedy that has disappointed me. I am a big fan of the feature length version, which tickles my funny bone in just the right way, with off-hand sarcastic and outright weird jokes. Many years on, the stars have all created their own comedy voices, but throwing all of that into one show seems overcooked to me. It lacks in the raw energy and have-a-go spirit of the feature. Plus Lake Bell is absolutely terrible, and the children are cringey, both narratives get way too much screen-time. On the plus side, Jon Hamm is amazing as usual.


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