It’s been another crazy week for Blueprint: Film, starting with four of us crammed into our little Lincoln office! Chris left his glamorous London life to join the rest of us, returning to his Lincolnshire roots for this weeks projects, which left poor Darren as a lone ranger in our East London studio!

Japan Festival 2015

It’s been a while since we updated you with all thing Japan, and I’m afraid you’ll have to hold out a tiny bit longer! Mikaela has been working away furiously this week to put the final bookings in, we have some really exciting news and some really amazing events coming! It’s really coming together now and we’re so excited to reveal the schedule! This week Dave has confirmed some films & speakers for our mini Japanese film festival (all will be revealed in due time)! Mikaela has also been buzzing around the city with meetings, and we’re really excited to be working with Elika from Casa Wabisabi to bring you a sushi & Japanese food workshop! Plus Elika will be helping to cater some of our other events, we’ll let you know exactly which ones, because you do not want to miss out on the delicious Japanese food!

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What’ve we been up to?!

This week Dave put the finishing touches on the radio plays that we have made in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The plays were made in collaboration with the local Lithuanian community.  They’re all sounding great and we’re looking forward to broadcasting them to Lincolnshire and beyond.  Darren chatted to Delfi – The Lithuanian Tribune about the project. Read their article here.

We also had the final evening of filming for our NCS lip dub project! We made sure we filmed the few verses/lines that needed tightening up and got contributions from the last groups.  It was a little chaotic as usual, but the young people were very enthusiastic, which really shows on screen.  The edit is coming along nicely too.  We’d love to share it with you when it’s done, but there are licensing issues which will mean it’ll be for NCS participant/organiser eyes only.

Chris has been back to his northern roots this week! He’s been finishing the final round of filming for The EBP’s upcoming brand film. He’s also been beavering away on some final, but all-important, marketing collateral for Festival800 and setting up a 2 week time lapse at Lincoln Castle for the Festival800 Sand Sculpture build which starts tomorrow! If you’re in Lincoln why not head up to the castle and see the build yourself. 40 Tonnes of sand were delivered this morning, with more throughout the afternoon! It’s going to be epic!

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What We’ve Watched

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (Dave)
After watching all of the previous instalments for a podcast discussing the series, I caught the latest Mission: Impossible film at the cinema.  I’m a fan of the series, particularly the third and forth films and this new entry lived up to their promise.  It’s business as usual and hardly breaks the mould, but there’s a nice balance of action, spy/thriller elements and comedy which makes for a fun night at the cinema.  Simon Pegg is given more to do than usual and he pulls it off.  There’s a strong female character for once in Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise gets to do some more ridiculous stunts (hanging off the side of a plane).  So good solid entertainment.


White God (Mikaela)
I love dogs & this had so many dogs. But that’s not why I loved this; the film was well made and really well acted. The narrative was at times difficult to watch, but ultimately heart-warming. What was really impressive though, was how they made it, logistically. I am truly baffled by the choreography of dogs, the amazing dog acting and the sheer number of dogs. Plus, I went to Budapest last month and it was really exciting to see the places I’ve been on screen! – Blueprint Review currently have a competition running to win White God on DVD! Check it out!


No Country For Old Men (Mikaela)
Why did I not watch this before now? I was told it was slow and nothing happened but I think the opposite is true. Javier Bardem remains to be one of my favourite actors and he really is astounding in this, what a terrifying performance! I was incredibly tense throughout the duration of the film, the Coen brothers understand how to pace so well.



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