The first week of August. We’re glad it’s been warm enough to walk because these tube strikes would be bringing Chris and Darren some trouble down in London. Work this week has taken them not just to Bethnal Green, but all across the capital. Up in Lincoln we’ve not had such trouble (though we all walk or cycle anyway) but we have been zipping around the city just as much! Find out more below, in this weeks round up!

It’s All Very Hush Hush

The London office has been buzzing with excitement (and a healthy dose of stress) this week, as we landed an amazing opportunity to run an online marketing campaign for a well-known high street brand. Chris has spent his Friday travelling all over the capital scouting for the perfect location. We wish we could tell you more but we’ve been sworn to secrecy! The project is ambitious and we’re very excited for the technical challenge it’ll bring! The campaign will go live in early September, keep your eyes peeled!

Up in Lincoln

Up in lovely Lincolnshire we’ve been just as busy. Thankfully we’re actually allowed to tell you our business, so this blog can have some content!

Dave spent the first two days of the week over at Lincolnshire Bowls Club Live Streaming their Grand Prix and Super 8 Series Bowls tournaments! Live-web streaming is one of the newer services we offer here at Blueprint: Film and we can cover a range of events including sports and conferences!


Then on Wednesday Dave was at the Mumtaz Food factory in Bradford filming with QJS.  One of their Q2 Systems is in place there and the factory wasn’t in production that day, so Dave and members of the QJS team spent the day filming the system in action.  This involved lots of water and foam as well as some rejected curries (the Q2 System is a special cleaning & disinfection system).  We got some great footage and will be putting an edit together ready for a sustainability conference in September.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 17.12.05

On Thursday Dave was continuing the shoot for the NCS lip dub film, this week he went down to Coalville to film a Catch 22 group who were planning their social action project.  They chose to do their lively lip dub routine right in the centre of town with an audience of commuters and passers by!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 17.13.43

Steve has also had a bit of a crazy week on the app-development front, but we’re super pleased because as of today the App he is developing for our sister website Blueprint: Review is accepting and sending notifications! Development on the App is going really well, and we’re excited to reveal the iOS release soon!

What We’ve Watched

Spy (Mikaela)
Absolutely ridiculous, but very funny. I really didn’t want to like Miranda; I’ve successfully hated her up until this point but she was a loveable oddball in this, I’ll pin it down to a good script. Great no-holds barred, comedy performances from Melissa McCarthy & The Stathe too.


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