The sun is back! Alas, before you head off to the beer gardens of the world, let us give you the lowdown on what’s up in Lincoln and London. Well, just what’s up in our offices really. That’s what’s important.

What’s ‘Appening?

Up in Lincoln this week, Stephen our resident App developer has been a very busy (and very stressed) little bee, trying to rework the User Interface for our up and coming App for our sister website Blueprint Review. If you haven’t already, you should check out the Review site; it’s a great place to read about films you don’t want to watch. Or films you do want to watch. Or to discuss ideas of films you’ve already watched. Really, the possibilities are endless. Lucky for you, all these possibilities are soon to be available on a neat little app. Cool.

Stephen has also been busy with our Hidden Histories App; an App we designed a while ago allowing Lincoln residents and visitors alike to unlock an interactive trail of secret heritage across the city. Stephen has been re-building the App with new features in Swift.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 16.08.27

Lincoln (And Beyond!)

Dave has been all over the place this week. In a good way of course, he’s been working with NCS to create an energetic and fun-filled LipDub video! This has involved hundreds of teens across the country, so far we’ve visited Nottingham Uni, PGL in Caythorpe, the Curve Theatre in Leicester and even filmed one group walking down the high street of Oadby. As you can imagine, it has been utter chaos. Shots from this weeks shoots are looking great, but there’s still more groups to follow in the coming weeks!

This week Dave and Mikaela have also been busy with editing galore. They’ve both been busy editing a selection of Radio Plays looking at life as an immigrant in the UK. Darren wrote the plays with Lithuanian communities in Lincolnshire and developed the stories based on their experiences. We recorded 4 plays in total and they’re sounding lovely. We’re very excited for their broadcast!

Mikaela has also been busy putting the final touches on the trailer we’re developing for The Mac Twins. It’s a old school Mortal Kombat video game style trailer with links to the style of their show!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 17.11.33

What We’ve Watched

Inside Out (Darren)
I thought was utterly beautiful. Pixar have gone off their peak the past few films, but this is definitely up there with their very best (they really need to stop doing sequels). It deals with extremely complex ideas and presents them in such simple and beautiful ways, and could be a pioneering film for children in it’s look at emotions and psychology. But that makes it sound more dry than it actually is – it’s also very silly and action packed!

Mission: Impossible III (Dave)
I always thought this was under appreciated when it came out and still stood up for me.  It’s fast paced and exciting with some great set pieces.  The late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman makes a wonderfully nasty villain too, which helps add a genuine threat to the flimsy storyline.


Mystery Films (Dave)
I also watched 8 films that are yet to be released at a special screening event, including a handful of great ones, but I’m under a strict press embargo so can’t talk about them online 🙁



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