Have you missed us? You have haven’t you. It’s been two weeks since our last update, so naturally we have plenty to tell you! We’ve been very busy little creatives with a hectic schedule in both London and Lincoln, but we always have time for a chat on the blog. Grab that cuppa, settle in and get caught up with all things Blueprint.

Magna Carta Celebrations!

As you may well know from many of our previous blog posts, we’ve been doing a lot of work with Lincolnshire County Council and Arts Council England in celebration of the 800th Anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. Lincoln – the home of one of our studio offices – is also the home to one of only 4 original copies of the Magna Carta. Our most recent collaboration on the celebrations is with Festival800: Darren has had his head down all week creating three 10 minute radio plays that will be heading into production this weekend, ready to be broadcast over the festival dates.

Meanwhile Chris has been a busy bee developing and designing their website ready for the Drill Hall brochure and event launch next Tuesday.

Japan Festival 2015

It’s been a little while since we gave you a real update on Japan Festival 2015. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten it. In fact Mikaela has morphed into an amazing scheduling machine and we will be able to bring you a full schedule ready for August. In the meantime here’s a sneaky sneak peek of what we’ve got planned.

Craft Week!
Throughout the week we’ll be offering a broad variety of workshops and taster sessions for you guys to come and experience some Japanese culture for yourselves. During the weekday afternoons we’ve partnered up with the fantastic new Cafe ‘Craftea‘ and it’s adjoining craft space ‘Love Handmade‘, to bring you a week of family friendly arts and crafts events, including Calligraphy, Japanese Kabuki and Noh mask craft, Origami, and Japanese kite making! Over the course of the week there will be something available for everyone, with workshops for younger children as well as older ones and adults too! Plus there will be a free cup of tea for participants, who could say no! Spaces on the workshops will be limited, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements to make sure you get your place!


Getting Physical!
We will also be having some fun, active workshops in traditional Japanese Bon Dance, provided by the London Bon Dancers. This is a highly accessible style of dance, not reliant on excessive physical exertion, it’s modest movements are inspired by steamy afternoons in high-summer Japan. If dancing isn’t up your street and you’re looking for something energetic, Paul Richardson from Lincoln’s Bujinkan Dojo will be joining us and offering a series of taster sessions in various forms of Japanese Martial Arts!


There is much more to be revealed, including Tea Ceremonies, a theatre performance, art exhibitions and talks with Japanese film experts.. but you’ll have to wait just a little longer to find out all that we have planned!

The World Of Apps

Since Stephen joined the wonderful world of Blueprint and opened the doors to the mysterious world of App development, we’ve been full of ideas for where we can take our new branch of skills. Stephen has been very busy developing our Hidden History App, and working out how to do all the video integration and location geo-tagging malarky. I unfortunately do not have these skills, so that is about as technical an explanation as you’ll get on the subject. Keep your eye’s peeled for exciting new technical updates on the subject though! (Probably from Stephen, not me.).

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 16.08.27

Meanwhile, Mikaela has been busy working away researching the History of the lovely town of Barton, ready for it to fill up our upcoming History of Barton mobile App. The App will take users on historic walks of Barton, feeding them information, videos and audio clips when they reach mapped areas to enhance their experience. The App will include walks and history from both the town, and the waterside areas of Barton.

What We’ve Watched – With Blueprint Review

This week, we gave the website of our sister company Blueprint: Review a nice little overhaul with new websites for both mobile and desktop. Exciting stuff! We’ve given all the old bit’s a nice new interface, and added some cool new features too, each review has it’s own star rating box now, with the opportunity for readers to give it a rating. We’d love some feedback on the site, so go check it out, but if you’ve seen any of the films we’ve reviewed, we’d love to see what you rate them! Check out the website here.

Dave has also reviewed everything he’s watched this week ever on the site, so you can read his reviews for New-zealand horror-comedy Housebound, Robert Altman’s unusual but bewitching psychological drama/thriller 3 Women, and Studio Ghibli’s most recent offering The Tale Of Princess Kaguya over on the site.



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