As the calender’s most superfluous celebration dawns upon us, we must be faced with a barrage of all things cute, lovely and pink – Labour got in there nice and early with their new pink bus, designed to attract female voters after scientists discovered that females’ ovaries act as magnets when they are in reach of the aforementioned shade, #ThanksScience.


By the look of this photo, it seems to be working nicely – Good Job Labour!


Germaine Greer guilt perry



Judging by the strenuous activity of coordinating our filmmaker’s schedules between Lincoln and London, it’s going to be a busy couple of months up ahead.

Recently, we worked with Shooting Fish on the Literacy Project, Back Story, which was written by young people from the Foundry Learning Centre in Gainsborough. The sound design was tweaked to perfection for the final performance on Thursday.  The show, which we also filmed for posterity, went down really well, with satire, shock and laughs a-plenty keeping the audience entertained and enthralled.


The group at Education & Youth Services have solidified the plot for the first of our Ghost Walk films.  We will begin shooting next week at the Theatre Royal to tell the various tales of terror surrounding the venue.  To celebrate a job well done on the script, the group went clothes shopping for costumes and came back with some fetching black dresses courtesy of Candles Charity Boutique.

On Live-Streaming,  we did the first batch of Super 8 Series bowls tournaments, which involved manning the scoreboard as well as the vision mixer, making for a more energetic couple of days.


Darren watched Shaun the Sheep – as a huge fan of animation, Aardman included, he felt that Shaun marked the continuation of Aardman’s downward trajectory, spiraling from The Pirates! (2012). It lacked creativity, ingenuity in story and most criminally, it’s simply not funny.


Chris walked out of Inherent Vice. According to Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review last week, Chris isn’t the only one; they’d both had friends who’d walked out of the cinema. I tried to navigate my way through Thomas Pynchon’s novel and found the task daunting and dreary, quickly losing patience with it, so it’s not unsurprising that the response from the film seems to comply with my sentiment.


Dave saw Kingsman, “which was loads of fun.  A few moments almost lost me, but they usually steered things back on track and the cast, particularly Colin Firth, do a great job.  Its cartoon-y visual style is an odd match against some gritty moments and the most insanely violent scene I think I’ve ever seen, but it means the film feels fresh and unique against the glut of cookie cutter superhero blockbusters we usually get.”


I didn’t make it to the cinema, but I did watch Virunga on Netflix, a documentary funded by BRITDOC, it tells the story of a group that try to protect the last of the world’s mountain gorillas in Congo whilst a renewed civil war and foreign intrusion on natural resources rages on. It’s a really moving documentary that I thoroughly recommend, it will definitely spark some interesting conversations.





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