Heatwave week. It’s been a pretty big week for the team at Blueprint: Film, which has meant working like absolute maniacs through the 3 billion degree heat. I’m exaggerating slightly, but this is the UK; we’re just not built for hot weather. I’m very surprised we all made it through Wednesday without melting into teeny puddles of liquid.

Unluckily, Wednesday (the hottest day this universe has ever seen) was Stephen’s first day!. Yes! Blueprint: Film has expanded the team once more! We’re so full of ideas for new projects and developments, we can’t even keep up with ourselves.  So on Wednesday Stephen, a recent graduate from the University of Lincoln’s Computer Games Production course, became our in-house App Developer. Oooooh. Look out for all the fantastic new mobile technology projects we have upcoming, including the Barton History App we’re making in collaboration with The Ropewalk.

Stephen will be setting up shop in our Lincoln office inside The Terrace building, with Mikaela and Dave. Here’s Dave and Stephen looking rather unhappy I distracted them from all their important work (actually, Dave looks really pleased).

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Aside from melting and welcoming our new member, there’s been plenty going on at Blueprint HQ this week.

Thursday evening marked the launch the Postcards from Aldegate East exhibition from Walk East. We were asked to create a film in collaboration with the exhibition and it went down a storm with the guests!


The exhibition took place at Oxford House, an amazing community arts space, theatre and gallery right on the doorstep of our East London production office in The Pillbox. You can see the film below, or catch is next week when it will be showing at Somerset House as part of the Ben Uri 100 year celebrations, we’re looking forward to the launch and we’ll be sure to fill you in on next week’s round up!

Chris and Dave have also been furiously beavering away working on the marketing, design and creating the website for this years #Festival800 in Lincoln. Between 28th August and 6th September Lincoln will be awash with exciting events, from music and comedy to workshops and lectures.  These will all be around the theme of the Magna Carta, celebrating its 800 year anniversary.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 15.30.16

Meanwhile in Lincoln Stephen has been showing of his skills re-working on our Hidden History App. The App is an interactive and educational treasure hunt app exploring Lincoln’s heritage,and includes video content which mixes live action footage with animated segments. Previously, Hidden History was a web-app, but Stephen has been working hard to get the project across all mobile platforms!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 16.08.27

What We’ve Watched

It seems everyone in the office apart from Mikaela and Stephen have been swept up by Jurassic World fever. Unfortunately, the film universally disappointed both offices.

Jurassic World (Chris)
Not enough dopey dinosaurs – why are they all so angry? 🙂 Seriously though, dinosaurs tearing the crap out of everyone and each other cannot sustain me for 2 hours. Lacks the balance, emotion and characters that made Jurassic Park so great. This film would be nothing without the original, surprised by the hype. Ultimately forgettable.


Jurassic World (Darren)
It being incredibly stupid was the least of its problems. Chris Pratt does his best and the glimpses of the actual theme park are really nice, but ultimately the character’s aren’t remotely interesting or engaging, the story is utter nonsense with no drama or pull whatsoever and the many action scenes have zero tension, not an ounce of it. On top of this it compares itself to the first film all the time – just reminding you how incredible the characters are, how astonishing the world and story was and just how much tension was in the action sequences!!


Paranoid Park (Mikaela)
Why does Gus Van Sant love filming angsty teens walking around really slowly? I had enough of that with ‘Elephant’. Aside from the excessive wandering, Paranoid Park was a very good (as was Elephant), if incredibly gloomy and grey. I was also pretty impressed by the performances from most of the cast, given their young age range and the tough subject matter.


Bronson (Mikaela)
I love Bronson. I’ve watched it before but had to mention it. I think it’s my favourite film from Refn, purely for the absolutely bonkers, highly stylised feel that the film carries. It’s very unique, with Tom Hardy giving an outstanding performance as Charlie Bronson. I’m a particularly big fan of the theatre-style on-screen narrator scenes.


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