It’s been another busy week at Blueprint HQ. In fact it feels like it’s gone almost too fast, how is it Friday already! Both of our offices have been pretty lonely places this week, as we’ve been letting our desks get dusty in favour of lots of practical work out and about!

The Big Smoke

London has been providing us with plenty to do this week, with Chris travelling around the city filming for Walk East’s East London Photo Walk project. We mentioned the commissioned film work in last weeks blog, because Chris got the opportunity to play with our wonderful new stabiliser! The edit is well under way now, and though we’d love to give you a sneak peek the film is yet to be signed off! We can give you a little snapshot though.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 15.34.50

Chris has also been busy designing branding and marketing materials for Lincoln’s upcoming Festival 800 (even working from London he can’t escape the pull of our Lincolnshire roots!).¬†Festival 800 is an “eclectic, creative and cultural response to the 800 year journey from Magna Carta to the present day.” We’re working with Arts Council England and Lincolnshire County Council on the project and it looks to be an unmissable event! If you want more information on Festival 800, check out their Facebook Page, and give it a like to keep updated!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 15.26.16 Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 15.30.16

In Lincoln (but not in the office)

Dave hasn’t spent a single day in office this week. Instead he’s been travelling all around, for three days he was busy Live Streaming Sports Events at Lincolnshire Bowls Club. Live Streaming is one of the newer services we offer here at Blueprint, and we cover a huge range of events!

Later on in the week, Dave was busy filming at the Lincolnshire Show with our friends at EBP, a fantastic company who help young people develop skills and access employability. Here’s Dave doing some filming, for some reason he looks as though he’s gone backpacking for the week.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 17.23.49

Japan Festival

As always, we have exciting new updates for Japan Festival 2015. This week, in the form of Traditional Tea Ceremonies to be performed by the experts from the absolutely stunning PureLand Japanese Garden & Meditation Centre in Newark. If you haven’t been to their gardens we can recommend them!


What We’ve Watched

Mr Holmes (Darren)
watched Mr Holmes in a baby screening! The film wrecks a great concept, with awful accents, meandering plotting and no sense of mystery or drama. Oh, and it steals the ending from My Girl.


Welcome To Me (Mikaela)
This was slow and melancholy, so don’t watch if you’re looking for the usual Kristen Wiig comedy performance. Though this was certainly still very funny in places, but it was much drier than her usual fair. Wiig’s performance was actually very good and very heartfelt, but the film itself was little too pointlessly meandering. I still enjoyed it, but I’d probably describe it as just nice and okay.


Biutiful (Mikaela)
Javier Bardem is fantastic isn’t he? Biutiful was indeed a beautiful film, but it was gloomy and endlessly bleak so it’s difficult to say I actually enjoyed it.


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