Happy Friday! With as busy a week as it’s been for us at Blueprint: Film, we’re pretty excited for the up coming weekend. We bet you are swell, but as always first things first: grab a cuppa, get comfy and get updated!

A New Addition

Blueprint have a new member! Well not really, in fact not at all. Last weekend Darren, our director and main-man became a father to a teeny baby boy! Laura and Darren have named the little guy Hugo. Darren will be working from home for a while and thinks this is the perfect time to get some writing done for our latest feature film projects. We wish him the best of luck!

What’s Happening in the Capital?

Chris has been getting full use of his London travel card criss-crossing around London to various exciting new project meetings. The first project we’ve been kick-starting this week is a project with Film London and the London Screen Archive, where we’ll be working with young people in Bromley and Merton to engage audiences with the existing footage in the London Film Archive and encourage submissions of new archive footage from the local community.

Alongside this, we’ve begun the creative process for our ‘Playfinders’ project. The project aims to promote traditional play and games amongst children, allowing people to search online for traditional games from across the world, and submit their own childhood games.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 15.56.51

New Kit!

On Tuesday we had a brilliant morning with Walk East filming some of the unknown sites around East London. It was lovely to get outside and get on with some video production work, plus it was a chance to give our new toy a test drive….


New kit is always an exciting new treat for any filmmaker, we’re very pleased with the Ronin-M 3-Axis stabiliser, it worked a treat on set! We’re already busying ourselves editing the footage and we can’t wait to share it.

Up in Lincoln

Dave had another two days Live Streaming sports events at Lincolnshire Bowls Club, and for the rest of the week has been beavering away with all sorts of different projects:

First is our updated website for Blueprint: Film Foundation. Dave revamped the Foundation website with some new features and a funky new banner image. Foundation is our sister website where the experienced filmmakers and creatives here at Blueprint: Film work with educational establishments and community groups to offer filmmaking courses, workshops and training to a variety of people from different backgrounds and age groups.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 16.06.57

Dave also had a meeting with Toni from Business Lincolnshire about how they could help Blueprint become bigger and better.  They offer support to businesses in the region to help them grow and flourish and we’re excited for where this new partnership could lead!

Japan Festival 2015

Dave and Mikaela have also been working away to make this years Japan Festival an amazing, jam-packed schedule of events. Dave has been putting the feelers out looking for Japanese films and filmmakers for our film screenings and Q&A sessions that will take place in The Ritz cinema and The Venue cinema in Lincoln.

Meanwhile, Mikaela has been a very, very busy bee booking cinemas, galleries, coffee shops, theatres and more for a huge range of cultural events! We have a lot of announcements in the pipeline and the festival is shaping up to be one amazing week! Keep your eyes peeled and follow @Japanfest on twitter to keep updated, you’d be a fool to miss it!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 16.08.32

We did say we’d been busy!

As well as building the foundations of Japan Festival, Mikaela has also been busy putting the finishing touches on the short films we made with different schools in the UK in collaboration with Into Film. The different films are almost done and it’s been great to see the inspiring creativity from the young people who took part!

Mikaela has also been busy this week putting together research for our Mobile Application project with The Ropewalk in Barton. The project will be an App that uses an interactive map and location geo-tagging to guide users around the colourful history of Barton-Upon-Humber. Of course before we make the App, we need to dig deep and find out all there is to know about this lovely little town!

Busy busy busy!

What We’ve Watched

Jurassic World (Dave)
This, the fourth film in the series, is very silly and a classic case of execs believing bigger is better, but it is fun nonetheless. If you can get past the shoddy writing and over-reliance on hat tipping towards the original (or plain ripping it off at times), the game cast and high level of dinosaur carnage will keep you entertained. It’s never all that frightening, rushing through its set pieces like a kid with ADHD, but it’s more violent than previous instalments and it’s certainly not boring. It felt like Jurassic Park III with a more satisfying ending, which works for a night out at the movies, but it’s not something I’m going to rush to see again any time soon.


Mesrine: Killer Instinct & Mesrine: Public Enemy No.1 (Mikaela)
Vincent Cassel gives an incredible performance in this biographical two-parter, but the plot was incredibly meandering. There wasn’t really a story as such, just a variety of interesting points. Where this made the film a little disjointed, I don’t think I really minded; it’s biographical after all. That’s just the way it happened. The problem I did have -probably because both films work as stand-alone pieces and I watched them one after the other, two days in a row- was that the plot was sort of repetitive, Mesrine committed a lot of robberies in his time, and escaped 3 high-profile prisons. An incredible feat, but I didn’t need to see each and every one.


Orange Is The New Black Season 3
Yes I watched the entire season in 3 days how could I not. I think that should be a review enough in itself, but I’ll continue: It was amazing. Perhaps some of the plot points were a little more trivial than in previous seasons, it seemed to lead with the comedy part of the ‘dramady’ genre and take itself with a pinch of salt. But what it didn’t do was shy away. What I like about the show, and what I like about a lot of Netflix content is that it is not afraid to take risks in places that mainstream television will not. This show is hilarious, but it is also gritty, endearing, confrontational and unafraid. I was concerned that it’s flashback format would become boring, since we’ve already seen so much from the main characters, but instead it was used in a new way to give us new stories from side-characters and audience favourites like Chang. What I also think is incredible about the show, is it’s ability to reach out to, and represent such a broad audience with it’s numerous, varied and genuinely complex characters. And in creating those complex characters, it creates not heroes or villains, but people. Characters that are flawed and complicated and interesting, and that old rarity; relatable and realistic female characters.


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