That glorious Friday afternoon feeling has us all glowing in the offices today! That and the rays from this mystical sun we’ve suddenly been blessed with. Hopefully it’ll stick around for a little longer this time (until at least mid-October would be preferable, we want good weather for our up-coming Japan Festival)! Before we all run off to bask in this weekends sun, we’ve got our weekly update. Here’s everything we’ve been up to for the last 7 days.

Vigilante: The end is nigh!

So we’ve been working away on our feature film Vigilante for what may seem like forever. It’s been a rocky ride, but an exhilarating one that we’ve all fondly enjoyed, this week we’ve hit another milestone and gotten one step closer to release! The Special Effects are completed, and the same goes for the Sound Design. We just have a final colour grade and mix left, and then it’s done! Fin! Finito! It’s a very exciting time and we’re really excited to get a release date, and finally let people see what we’ve been working on!

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 15.22.46

Pssst! Now Vigilante is almost over, our creative minds have been going into overdrive; a filmmakers work is never done and we’re too full of ideas to stop. Blueprint: Film have a new script currently in development and some exciting (but very secret) news in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

Japan Festival

Our Festival of Japanese Culture is well on it’s way. This week, we confirmed our bookings with Lincoln Drill Hall and our pleased to announce our opening event: Nintendo Gaming Day. On Saturday 3rd October 2015, we will be hosting a day-long gaming event from 10am – 4pm. The Drill Hall will be split into different zones, where members of the public can come and play against their friends for free! Zones will include a Retro-area, where you’re invited to play through Nintendo’s classics. There will also be a Streetpass Zone for 3DS multiplayer. Food and Drink will be available throughout the day from the Drill Hall Cafe, where there will also be live music from 12 ’til 2. Entrants to the Gaming Event are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite gaming characters, and there will be tons of prizes up for grabs throughout the day! Book it into your diaries now.

Game event promo image 2

This week we also gave Japan Festival a branding overhaul. Since we’re moving into the serious stages of putting this festival in place, we needed new logos and branding. Chris, design whizz that he is took on the challenge of creating a dynamic new brand for the festival, as with previous years, we’ve played with the colours, shapes and themes of the Japanese Flag. Let us know what you think, we’d love your feedback.

Japan Festival Logo (no domain)

Japan Festival Logo Dark (no domain)

Paid Internship Final Call

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that we were on the lookout for a new member! We’ve had some great applications and are in the process of lining up candidates to meet with next week. However, if you haven’t applied, or didn’t see the job advert, there’s still time! We’ve just listed the vacancy over on Hiive, the social network for creatives, that recently partnered with Ideastap, to help them keep up their great work in funding the creative sector. You can see the vacancy here, and apply via email! If you’re not a Hiive user, you can still apply via our Indeed advert.

What We’ve Watched

Lilting (Darren)
Ben Wishaw gives a beautiful performance in what is otherwise an okay film; looks great, great themes, but some bad casting and misjudged scenes totally let it down. (Dave has also recently watched Lilting and completely agrees)


Wet Hot American Summer (Mikaela)
This is my ultimate guilty pleasure comedy film and I cannot wait for the Netflix series to come out later this year. I love the script because it’s as though a lot of comedy writers sat down together and really ran with all their most stupid ideas. It’s a total shambles, but in the best way. Plus it features pretty much everyone currently doing the comedy movie rounds, but before their careers took off (I have no idea how they took off after these ridiculous performances). This film is horribly reviewed and one of few I just can’t agree with the critics on, perhaps my sense of humour doesn’t understand the concept of ‘good filmmaking’.


The Double (Mikaela)
I’m a big fan of Richard Ayoade and I love Mia Wasikowska too, so I desperately wanted to love this. It was heavily stylised in a way that did really work for the film, it was beautifully shot, well paced and had great performances from both Wasikowska and Eisenburg, but for me something was missing. It didn’t have the captivating charm of Submarine and it wasn’t really tense enough to thrill me, or grab my attention at all. For me it was also probably a little close to Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy, which I liked a lot more.


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