Our Hero Of The Week: Leslie Knope, aka Amy Poehler






Well, firstly, because I have only just discovered Parks and Recreation and it may be my favourite thing since discovering that you can stand outside Starbucks and still get their WiFi without having to buy a beverage that will burn your tongue and make you gain 20 pounds.

Secondly, and more importantly (debatable), is that Leslie Knope is Queen of Community Projects, and this is where our focus have been for 2015 so far.


Darren’s been busy this week introducing himself to film clubs that we’re going to work with on Into Film’s See It Make It; he met with clubs at Haven High Academy, West Walton Community, Boston College and Spalding High. They’ve already come up with some awesome ideas for the film projects, so watch this space for more news about their mini-masterpieces!

Our Community First Heritage Photography Exhibition is being set up today at the Abbey Access Centre, which is exciting for us, and the participants, because it means the local community can take a look at the stunning photographs that this talent bunch have produced.

We’re in the final stages our production for our Homeless Charity video, our One Me video is also near completion, so, things are moving ahead very productively for Blueprint in 2015.


I like to think it has a lot to do with this waffle-crazed, worker Bee wwld




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