It’s Cannes film festival week! Someone remind me why we didn’t go this year? Aside from shying away from social media outlets and all their Cannes-filled glory, we’ve been having another fun week here at Blueprint (not as fun as if we’d been at Cannes, but win some, lose some).


As we mentioned last week (and probably many times in the past), our feature film -Vigilante- is well on it’s way. After a tortuous amount of hours spent lovingly tinkering in post-production we’re finally on the homestretch. Today we’ve had a watch through of the almost final cut! Fingers crossed, but we think we’ll have some great news for you very, very soon.

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What We’ve Been Up To!

It’s been business as usual in the Blueprint offices, with Mikaela putting plans in place for our Festival of Japanese culture. The festival will take place in October in Lincoln, comprising of a varied, week-long schedule of events including screenings of Japanese films, tea ceremonies and a video games tournament. We were delighted to learn that we have been offered a grant in support of our festival by the Sasakawa Foundation! We’re really excited about the festival, having run smaller events in previous years the week of activities will be an exciting challenge for us!

Dave has been giving workshops at the University of Lincoln after last week’s successful sessions with Darren. Dave’s workshops were on editing for feature film and we were extremely pleased to see how well received they were by the University and its budding young creatives! Hopefully, we’ll be offering more workshops and masterclasses at the University in the future.

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On the topic of film workshops and masterclasses, Darren has confirmed a project we’ll be doing in collaboration with Shooting Fish Youth Theatre to run some filmmaking courses throughout Lincolnshire. The courses will be taking place over the summer, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on those!

We mentioned last week, we’re working on a mobile app in collaboration with The Ropewalk. The app will promote the history of Lincolnshire through short documentaries that become accessible through the apps interaction with your GPS location. It’s a big project so we’re looking for an intern to assist with programming the app. Mikaela is putting together the final details on the job brief but we will be offering a 6-month paid internship! The opportunity will be online on Monday so young (or old) coders, keep your eyes open and brush up your CVs!

What We’ve Watched

From this week’s what we’ve watched section, we gather that Mikaela should probably step away from the television, and go outside.

The Matrix (Mikaela)
So I’ve been told that as a film production graduate, there are certain films that I just need to have seen. Old classics. So I’m making a conscious effort to watch more of those films. I’m not sure that The Matrix is exactly what everyone had in mind. It’s pretty cheesy (probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen), but people loved it, so I watched it. As I said it was almost painfully cheesy, perhaps I should have watched it when it came out but in my defence, I was 6. It was however, an enjoyable watch. I imagine for the same reasons people like the Fast & Furious franchise; pure, unrelenting entertainment.


Ex Machina (Mikaela)
Apparently, I’ve also been on a sci-fi hype this week. Ex Machina was much more up my street. Slick, well-cast, subtle sci-fi that relies much more heavily on concept and story than big-budget effects. This really hit the spot with me, particularly with it’s change-of-tone, slight-twist of an ending.


True Detective (Mikaela)
I realise I said only last week that I had started watching it, but I’ve finished it, it was too good not to binge on. I’m reasonably on-board with anything HBO put out; they seem to have a great knack for finding scripts with extremely well developed characters (see; The Wire, Girls, Boardwalk Empire), and enticing, detailed plots. This did not disappoint.


American History X (Mikaela)
I wish I could unsee it. I am fairly sensitive to race-based topics so that’s probably why it hit quite hard. It’s also incredibly well crafted, and managed to get different characters to change and develop in a believable way. Too believable, as it only made everything much harder for viewers like me. Uncomfortable, but worth it.


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