It’s round-up time again! Here’s the latest on what’s been happening with Blueprint: Film this week!

Everyone’s up in Lincoln!

This week, the London office has been completely empty! We all enjoyed our bank holiday day off, but it’s been a rather great working-week (or four days) in Lincoln in the world of Blueprint.

Mikaela has had her first week of work with David up in the Lincoln office, she’ll be operating from there from now on (or until she misses the thrill of London life and our bright Pill Box office!). This week she’s been laying the groundwork on our Festival of Japanese Culture in Lincoln making bookings and finding some great Japanese practitioners to showcase at the festival. She’s also been putting the finishing touches on some films we made with Haven High for our Into Film Project. It’s looking like a mummy-ghost story spectacular! As usual, she’s also been running our social media accounts; follow us on Twitter at @blueprintfilm to keep up to date with industry news, our projects and pictures of really cute pugs.

Darren was honoured to be invited to give two workshops at the University of Lincoln this week. The first was on how to work with and direct actors, and the second on script development. The workshops were available to third year and masters students from the Media Production & Film and Television courses and we got some really great feedback from the University! We love giving workshops, it’s fulfilling and inspiring to see all the young creative talent in the area and to help them with any questions they may have about entering the creative industries! It’s also quite a nice day out of the office! Here’s Darren in mid-workshop-leading-flow!


It’s actually been workshop central at Blueprint: Film this week, as David has been planning an two more editing workshops! One editing a spoof news-broadcast radio play with young people in Gainsborough, and one on editing for feature film at the University of Lincoln. He had some great fun out shooting a low-budget car chase with a GoPro and his brother in preparation for the film editing workshop. We’re certainly excited to see the edits our participants come out with!

David has also been sent the final SFX sequences for our feature film Vigilante. It’s finally ready to move into the final stages of post-production; colour grading and final sound mix! It’s been a long and tortuous wait but we are eagerly anticipating the final edit!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 13.17.02

Chris has been continuing work on the Magna Carta Publication project and it’s coming along incredibly well. The book, which is being sponsored by Arts Council England and Lincolnshire County Council will have 2015 copies going into publication this year in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. This week Chris has been seeking out a wonderful array of people in Lincolnshire to be interviewed for the book, these interviews will collate a broad and colourful representation of what life in Lincolnshire is like in 2015.

App Development

Blueprint: Film have secured a new project this week with The Ropewalk; an app that is centred around revealing and promoting the history of your town through interactive-maps and ego location on mobile phones. The app will include audio clips and documentaries for different areas. It’s a great project to have secured and we’re delighted to be moving more into the realms of the app world!


Blueprint: Review!

On Tuesday you heard from our brothers and sisters and Blueprint: Review, in their Review Haiku guest post. Well they have sent even more goodness our way with their latest film competition. They are offering the chance to win 2 DVD copies of post-apocalyptic action adventure ‘The Last Survivors’, find out more on their competition page! You can also check out David’s latest review over on their film review blog, we highly recommend a trip to the blog whenever your stuck for something to watch!

What We’ve Watched

We’re not sure if Chris has given up on film watching all together, though he has had a lot of meetings in Lincoln this week, so we’ll forgive him this time. It’s down to David and Mikaela to give us their week in watches.

True Detective (Mikaela)
I’ve been disappointingly behind in staying up to date with TV series this year, but I’ve finally started True Detective. I’m three episodes in and so far, absolutely loving the series. It’s a slow-burner but visually stunning, well thought out and contains stellar performances from McConaughey and Harrelson. I do have a confession to make though; I fell asleep about 15 minutes into the first episode at least twice before I had a successful attempt at sitting through it. I think we can all blame Matthew McConaughey and the soothing growl he calls a voice.


Of Horses and Men (David)
A very strange, but very good Icelandic film about the unique relationship between men and horses. It was amusing and fascinating in equal measure, with great use of some stunning Icelandic scenery.

Of Horses and Men

It Follows (Mikaela)
I’m a wimp, I’ll admit it, I was terrified, but I loved It Follows. The artistic direction was a constant homage to the classic horror film, choosing timeless pieces for costumes and quirky retro props, which was a nice touch to the aesthetics. I also really enjoyed the film conceptually; I have a love/hate relationship with horror because seeing a weird CGI ghost usually isn’t scary to me, but sometimes having nothing but imagination isn’t enough. This had the best of both worlds as the ‘it’ that followed took the form of any human, creating something scary out of something that exists and is believable. Props given for making me terrified of a sweet old lady walking slowly from a distance.


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