It’s been a busy week in the Blueprint offices, we’ve been working lots and we’ve been watching lots, so grab a cup of tea and settle down for our weekly-round-up!

Choices Launch

First thing’s first, today marks the launch of our short film ‘Choices’. Choices was made in collaboration with the Lincolnshire Homeless Strategy Group and confronts some issues surrounding youth homelessness that we feel are incredibly important. We aimed for the film to help young people in the decisions they make about leaving home, to guide young homeless people toward the help and support they need and bring light to some of the reasons young people become homeless. The film is currently available to view on Vimeo, but I will post it below. It’s short, so if you have a moment we would love for you to watch it and if you like it, share it online.

A great week for film

In keeping with the video production theme, David has been editing a film we created for Education Business Partnership, in order to promote their work experience scheme ‘Access Employability’.  EBP guide and prepare young people as they make their first steps on the career ladder, and we’re delighted to be working with such a great company.

David also held premieres for two ghost-themed short films we made with young people during our Awards For All lottery-funded project. The films were created with EYS Education Youth Services and X-Church youth group, we had a great time working with them and it was great to see the hard work put in by the groups realised on the big screen!

Down in London

Back in the London office, Chris has been steaming ahead with the Magna Carta project we’re working on with Arts Council England and Lincolnshire County Council. As well as continuing with his design work for the Radiating Signals project we mentioned in last weeks blog, Chris has been putting together interviews from people from all walks of life to represent the Lincolnshire community in a limited edition publication being created in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. Chris is managing the production of the publication, which will include striking photography, work from poet laureates Carol Anne Duffy, Gillian Clark and Imtiaz Dharker and stories from the people of Lincolnshire. Only 2015 books are being made, with 800 of these already allocated to a variety of people and establishments, including Lincolnshire schools, the Commonwealth Heads of States and the President of the United States!


Alongside the Magna Carta project, Darren has had a jam-packed week of planning, planning, planning! We’ve got a lot of great projects in the works that we are incredibly excited to share with you, including a touring cinema for Lincolnshire, the Festival of Japanese Culture coming in autumn, filmmaking courses for young people in Hackney and some masterclasses in film we’re giving at the University of Lincoln next week! Busy, busy busy!

Mikaela goes back to Lincoln today, and has been furiously preparing and transferring all her work, so she can carry on business as usual in our other office! She’s also been busy planning this week; finding venues for our Japan Festival, researching and contacting performers for different events!

Other Bits & Bobs

We celebrated Chris’ birthday yesterday, with (as promised) a cake from Mikaela, pictured below. The cake was very nearly a complete disaster, but it made it to the office in one piece in the end! We’ve definitely enjoyed the compliment to our constant cups of tea!


Darren and David also recorded the latest Podcast for Blueprint: Review. You can download them all (or just the latest edition) free on iTunes. This weeks they covered While We’re Young, Cinderella, The Goob & more!

What We’ve Watched

Darren’s done most of the watching for the group this week, the rest of us seem to have been slacking! We’ll be better next week!

The Goob (Chris & Darren)

Darren and Chris were invited to a press screening of The Goob at Warner Bros HQ on Wednesday. Sadly, everyone seemed particularly underwhelmed by the film


Avengers: Age of Ultron (Darren)

It’s still good fun and has some great set pieces; but it isn’t as funny as previous Marvel films. The plot is poorly constructed and the villain is wasted. It’s still better than most summer blockbusters, but a big disappointment after the first film.


Cinderella (Darren)

I love Kenneth Branagh. I love Disney. I love the fact he didn’t want a modern, ironic take and told it traditionally. I was set up to love it… but I didn’t. In fact I almost hated it. The characters were either wet or painfully unfunny! This is with the exception of  the Fairy Godmother, who provides the only moment of life in the film. It has no wit, no emotion, no edge. So disappointing!


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