There are many great ways of getting your business noticed – video marketing is one of the best ways to achieve this! Of course all businesses want to become overnight successes and have their online content become viral, but that is hard to do if you are not using tips that could help achieve this. Here is a guide of the top tips for super successful video marketing!

Create a story and focus on that – There a lots of brands and campaigns online that are cluttered with too much information or are just not drawing in the right consumers due to not being relatable – by focusing your video marketing around a story, you are more likely to appeal to a larger audience who will be attracted to your type of marketing because you stand out from the crowd! Your video should be centred around the story and not around the sale, this method will allow you concentrate and show your customers that you value them and the service you are providing them.

Entice them within 10 seconds – It is important to grab the viewers attention right away – one fifth of viewers click away after the first 10 seconds! By keeping the overall video message short and to the point, you are less likely to put off viewers who may want to click onto the next video. The first 5 to ten seconds should include the main point of the story and expectations. Using questions and teaser hooks can be a good way to spark your audience’s curiosity. It is very important that your video can show a good reason for why the viewer should carry on watching it, they are more likely to continue watching if it makes them feel an emotion, such as laughter.

Keep it interesting – Finding out what your audience wants can be difficult at first but once you have that knowledge, producing video content that ticks all the boxes for what they are looking for is the best way to achieve video marketing success! Your audience may want to laugh, they may want to feel enlightened, they may want to immerse themselves in your video to distract themselves from other things; these are just a few examples of what your video could be like but it is important to work out what works best for your business and target audience.

Search Engine Optimism – There are many ways to ensure your video shows up on search engine result pages – here are a few of the best ways! Before uploading your video onto any sharing websites, to maximise SEO value, uploading it onto your own business website can help boost it – also enabling embedding on your videos can increase inbound marketing links! Including a description with key SEO words is also a great way for ensuring you appear high up in search engine result pages – tagging relevant key words and having a unique title will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

The video marketing world can be a hard one to grasp but these tips can help you get started! If you need more advice or help with creating video content, you can contact us at or on 020 33 711060.