There are many ways to market your business online to make sure you have the best success but getting it right can be a tricky task. Although there are a variety of marketing strategies to use, video marketing is the most popular and has the highest success rate compared to standard text campaigns. Here are some top tips to help boost your business and strengthen your online marketing strategy!

The first top tip is getting started, if you haven’t included video content in your marketing strategy it is never too late! Your first video may not be the best or greatest but it is very important to get into the video marketing game, as you get used to what works best for your business you will find that your videos will also improve. If you have enough in your budget to get the video professionally produced it will mean that you will be starting your first video marketing campaign with great content.

The next tip is making sure you understand how different audience platforms work, each platform attracts different audiences so it is important to produce video content that will engage them. For example YouTube is used as a video search engine, so for video content being posted onto this platform the content needs to contain lots of information and it should be able to answer the question that users are searching for.

Although this type of video content works well on Youtube, it would flop on Facebook as the platform audience is completely different. On Facebook the type of videos that do well are easy to watch, and a lot of the time funny videos. Most Facebook users are scrolling through their feed to kill some time during their break or during a quiet period, it is essential to keep videos short and to the point if you are looking for marketing success on this platform.

If you are trying to increase product sales, video marketing is a great way of showcasing your products and business to consumers. Product videos are more likely to persuade a consumer to purchase the product more than a standard information text page. It is also an easy way of showing credibility of your business and how you work, even doing a simple video of what goes on an average work day will enhance audience and consumer engagement.

This final tip is an easy and very simple way to have success with video marketing – adding text or subtitles. This tip is quite often overlooked but is one of the top ways to get maximum engagement – by including text or subtitles in your content you are allowing a wider range of audience to watch. It is also good for video content posted on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, videos are muted by default so many people don’t turn on the sound which means a lot of information may be lost if no text or subtitles are included. Here is a great example of how text can be used in videos.

These are just a few tips to get you started on your video marketing journey but if you need more advice or help creating great video content, you can contact us at or on 020 33 711060.