There are numerous of examples of how video marketing works better than just standard text, and with websites such as Facebook looking into a video-first future, it is clear that using video is the best way to help give your business a boost.

The top Fortune 500 companies have also confirmed that video marketing delivers higher returns than display ads! Standard images are eye-catching but video captures the viewers attention for much longer than an image can, this is why video marketing is proving to be the most successful marketing strategy to use! With the rise of 4G speeds and the introduction of 5G on the horizon, it is inevitable that more people will be pressing play on their mobile devices.

As a result of how popular video is, many brands are using innovative ideas to engage with their consumers and make their business stand out. With the massive success of video marketing strategies, there is the new ‘shoppable’ content which will soon become as prominent and popular as standard video content.

You may be wondering what the term ‘shoppable’ means, it ultimately means embedding clickable links into video content, which makes the buyer’s journey quick, easy and interactive. Links can also be inserted that take the user straight to website landing pages of the product previewed in the video or they can directly be integrated with online shopping baskets.

A great example of ‘shoppable’ content being used in a campaign, is the ‘Mission Impeccable’ campaign by Ted Baker. This campaign was praised for allowing users to reserve items featured whilst the video content was playing. By clicking on the clothing, this reserved the items so the user could review and purchase them after watching the video. There was a rise 17.9% rise in sales, this showed that consumers enjoyed the ‘shoppable’ experience.

With the rise of popular YouTubers in the recent years, many brands have either paid or sent free products to big names on YouTube with the only condition being that they are featured in their video blogs. Many of these YouTube blogs can gain up to 250,000 or more views, so having a product featured can lead to increased sales.

So why is the new ‘shoppable’ feature so attractive to users compared to standard video? It may be because our minds are hardwired to track movement, this means as soon as the ‘click to buy’ popup link appears our eyes automatically focus on that. The other reason why this new feature will be popular is because it has the novelty factor. It will be a new experience for users to be able to watch video content and shop at the same time.

Towards the end of the year, especially as the festive season approaches, you can expect to see a rise in more brands using the new ‘shoppable’ marketing strategy to keep up with their competitors and stay on trend. If you are interested in video marketing for your business, you can contact us at or on 020 33 711060.