Video marketing is increasingly becoming the number one way to market brands and products thanks to the rise of social media and investments by internet giants. Major companies are using video marketing as a vital part of engaging with consumers and converting them into paying customers.

Research done by Syndacast shows that by 2017 around 74% of all internet traffic will be video. The research also shows that including the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email can increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

Social media is on the rise and also the most effective way to reach consumers, combine it with video and you have a recipe for success. According to Twitter, Tweets including images and videos get more views and retweets.

There are many contributing factors as to why video marketing is becoming so popular, one of the reasons why could be down to Facebook changing their video strategy which increased their viewing figures from 4 billion views to 8 billion views in just seven months. This is a great example of how influential video marketing is and it can be an ideal way of creating business through advertising.

Facebook memorises user interests and uses this information to show video advertising that they are more likely to click on. 

Facebook are looking into introducing a video only stream which will include videos shared from their own network. This could be a game changer for marketers who will be taking full advantage of this new addition.

It is not uncommon knowledge that rich media such as videos and images are favourable by search engines. The increased popularity of video could be down to Google owning YouTube. Like any business, Google are constantly changing their search algorithm to improve user experience. Search results show a variety of results and includes video results at the top.

This is an example of Google including videos in their search results. 

The biggest reason why videos are taking over the marketing world is because the information included within the video is a lot easier to process. The worst thing to do as a marketer is to overload your target consumers with too much information, you are guaranteed to make a big impact on consumers through video as it is easier for the brain to process visual content.

If a consumer comes across a video that they find interesting or engaging, they are more likely to share that compared to a text post. The opportunity to go ‘viral’ is greater than ever before as more and more people are choosing to spend time online. Businesses are making the most of this social media phenomena as it is a perfect way of showcasing the latest work, services and sharing company updates.

This is a great example of how effective video content is, and because it went viral online, it attracted a lot of hits which meant reaching a large consumer base. 

It is not unusual for consumers to educate themselves through blog updates and videos, research has shown that a staggering 96% use videos to decide whether to purchase a product online. Company websites who include video content are deemed to be more trustworthy than those who do not include them.

If you are looking to include visual content on your website or need help with video marketing to maximise consumer engagement, we are available for meetings to discuss how to make that happen. Contact information is available on our website.

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