Film production companies have made it as simple as possible for every viewer to enjoy their favourite TV series or Hollywood blockbuster. The revolution of subtitles has meant that those with hearing difficulties are able to enjoy a whole host of video content just as much as anybody else. With the release of Google’s voice recognition software, it allows synching transcripts and closed captions to YouTube videos very easy and has proved to be a huge time saver!

Although large production networks have been making the most of subtitling for a number of years now, many are still unaware that using subtitles on any form of video content which is posted online is just as important.

In this blog, transcription company Take 1 TV discuss the benefits of transcription and the use of closed captions for YouTube video marketing, a platform that we know as the biggest visual hub for uploading and sharing our favourite visual content (and not just cute cat videos).

As the visual above shows, a study by Discovery Digital Networks revealed that closed captions increase YouTube video views by a massive 13.48% within just 2 weeks of being published. The fact that more than 36 million Americans are hard of hearing, it’s simple that closed captions must be incorporated into the video production process; they’re just as important as the money shot.

Another study compiled by Ofcom revealed that 80% of those viewing video use closed captions, none of which display any type of hearing impairment – even more reason to make use of closed captions within your marketing efforts.

The process of uploading a transcript to your YouTube video sounds like it could be complicated and take up a lot of time, but with Google’s latest voice recognition software which was mentioned above, the process is quite easy. Here are three simple steps to follow:

  • Upload your finished video to YouTube
  • Upload your transcript to YouTube
  • Hit ‘sync’ and allow the technology to do the rest!

The days of manual editing are well and truly over, so the next big question is, why add transcriptions to your YouTube videos in the first place?

With the range of marketing benefits YouTube has to offer to every organisation, it is now often referred as a search engine. Even though content is uploaded in a visual, the transcription is easily read by Google’s ‘bots’ as a written form of content.

This essentially determines how easily your video is found on YouTube as well as Google. That’s why it is important to add relevant keywords to your transcription, the perfect question to ask yourself is, if somebody was searching on Google, how would you like your video to be found?

Either way, you want your video to be reaching an extensive audience, and with professionally written transcripts with these marketing efforts in mind, the outcome can only be positive.

A study conducted by Liveclicker explained that transcriptions included on the page, increase the revenue by an average of 16%, and with video being the most engaging content online, imagine the potential a transcribed video has to offer.

YouTube also boasts an ‘auto transcribe’ feature, which we and I’m sure many others have tried and tested but uploading your own transcriptions is the way to go. Although the voice recognition software is innovative, it is yet to be perfected.

The ‘auto transcribe’ feature lacks accuracy and often gets confused and can jumble words together, which is a risk not worth taking.  Here are two reason not to use the ‘auto transcribe’ option:

  • Those viewing the video will get frustrated if the details are incorrect, the viewer won’t take the video seriously if the grammar is not of a high standard.
  • There won’t be any search engine optimisation benefits if the transcription content doesn’t make sense.

We hope this blog has been useful and you are now aware of the benefits and importance of uploading your own transcriptions to YouTube videos. If you want to dig deeper into optimising YouTube videos for Google, find out more in this visual here.

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