Filming aerial footage no longer has to involve large helicopters and numerous amounts of people just to get one shot. The latest way to film the best aerial footage is by using drones. They will still be able to capture eye-catching, adrenalin filled action shots, birds-eye-view footage, whatever aerial footage you are after, it is achievable simply by using a drone.

The main advantages to using a drone for film making are primarily cost based, allowing previously unattainable shots which were not possible to shoot due to budget restrictions, they can now be produced within most peoples production budgets. Other benefits include the size of the drone equipment, the small size allows you to fly into tighter areas which means filming in indoor spaces is possible.

All commercial film makers must undertake this course and if you are looking into having drone footage produced, you will need to ensure the provider is fully certificated just like us! It is a legal requirement to be trained up to the right standard, so Darren from our London office spent a week at an amazing location in Devon to undertake ground school training for the CAA Drone License. The training involved five very long days which included training in meteorology, map reading, and aviation. There was also a practical examination on Unmanned aircraft law with their new licensed drone operator.

Darren got 100% and passed with flying colours!

There are applications to incorporate drone footage for a range of industries, these include: estate agents, property management and development, event coverage, and tourism are just some of the industries that could benefit from using drone footage.

By being able to produce a corporate video that is both striking and catches the viewers attention, you and your business will become unforgettable. If you are interested in becoming unforgettable, we can create content that will help your business stand out and get the results you are after.

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