There are many different ways and strategies to market your business and using the wrong technique can cause a lot of damage to your consumer engagement and overall performance. Video marketing has proven to be the most successful when trying to get the most engagement from target consumers – here are the top tips to use for great video marketing success!

Use the best possible video content The time has gone where only big corporations use video marketing, even SMEs and freelancers are using this great marketing tip for maximum effect. Although using video content is good for getting your business message across, it is extremely important to use high quality content as it is representing your business and a reflection of your work. If you can afford it we would always advise you to use a professional organisation to produce the best video work possible, this may not be possible for new start-ups but it can be a worthwhile investment towards the future of your business.

Keep your audience up to date It is easier than ever to post online at any time regardless of location thanks to mobile devices. With the release of high-qaulity products it is very simple to create top video content at a click of a button. Most of us of have high-defination cameras in our pockets attached to mobile phones so it is extremely easy to produce marketing content on the go if you’re on a low budget.

Social Media – The internet and social media are the two greatest phenomenas of the 21st century and they keep on giving us more and more wonderful ways to communicate with one another. This is great news for businesses who can use these platforms to stay connected with their consumers and target audience.

Keeping the audience engaged – It is important when creating video content to keep it to a minimal length as well as getting the intended message across to the audience within that time. Most promotional videos should be no longer than 75 seconds or you may risk losing audience engagement. Keeping videos under 1 minute are more likely to retain viewers.

Preparation – The key tip for any marketing strategy is to make sure you are prepared! Planning is a good way of ensuring the best results from your new video marketing. Top factors to think about are:

  • Think about what you are selling – Whether that is a brand, product, or lifestyle.
  • Target audience – Who is the video marketing targeting?
  • Intended message – What is the intended message of the video marketing and how do you want your audience to react?

Sharing your video marketing – This is an important part of video marketing and can sometimes take a few attempts to get right. The best platforms to start distributing your video content is onto major social media sites. If your business has yet to have a social media presence, it is highly recommended to ensure maximum consumer engagement. Also most social media platforms are free which is a bonus if you are on a low budget! A Great SEO tip is uploading video content onto YouTube, then embedding it onto your website as this can improve Google search results drastically.

These are only a few beginners tips for great video marketing but if you are still unsure and need some help, you can contact us at or on 020 33 711060.