We’re out of January, which means we’re now getting well and truly stuck into 2019 - and if you’re in marketing, you’ll know how important it is to keep ahead of trends. With that in mind, we thought we’d round up some of the more important new statistics that have emerged in the video marketing field from the past year.

Video Is paying off

As a video marketing company ourselves, we’ll save the video sales pitch for elsewhere - but the numbers continue to show just how effective video can be for a brand. 83% of marketers say that video has given them a good ROI in 2018, up from last year’s 78% (Wyzowl), and 84% also say that it’s helped increase traffic to their websites. If you want to get people to notice your brand, video is clearly the way...

The market is getting busy

With video content growing in popularity when it comes to branding, it’s no surprise to see that 90% of video marketers have felt an increase in the level of competition. Despite this, however, Wyzowl found that 99% will continue to use video, and 88% think they’ll spend more than they did in previous years.

Video isn’t just for lead generation

Usually the discussion around video marketing is heavily directed at lead generation. That is, how you can get new people on board with your brand. But actually with explainer videos becoming more and more popular, we’re starting to see a benefit for customer support side of things. 41% of marketers have said that video marketing has helped to reduce support calls (Wyzowl)

People prefer video

A smart marketer stays on top of what the consumer wants, and more so than ever, what they want is video. 68% of consumers say they’d rather learn about a new product through a short video - when compared to 15% for text based articles and 4% for infographics and presentations (Wyzowl),  it’s obvious who the winner here is…

Prioritise optimisation

We’ve spoken before about how tailoring your content for different platforms can seriously elevate your online video presence, but just to re-iterate: few things are more off-putting than a video that hasn’t been properly optimised. Consumers agree - with 82% of people frustrated by ‘black bars’ on video content (Wyzowl)

Video is easier than ever to make

One of the more interesting things to look at is why video is consistently proving popular for marketers. In Wyzowls 2019 report, they found that the main reasons for taking the plunge into video marketing are an increase in affordability, a drop in time it takes to create video content, and the ease with which you can now create video in-house. Which is no surprise given the huge toolbox marketers now have at their disposal in their mobile social marketing platforms (shameless plug: we recently ran through some great ways to up your in-house video content for social)

Video spreads better

It’s all well and good making content, but getting your brand’s message to spread is often where a lot of marketers stumble. Thankfully video content continues to be especially fruitful in that department. 48% of people say they’re more likely to share a video with their friends than any other type of content. For reference, regular social media posts came in second at 23% (Wyzowl) - that’s under half of video’s percentage.

Video still trumps all on social

Coming into 2019, Social media continues to dominate the online marketing space, with the number of users connecting with brands through their social channels rising every year. With that in mind, it’s important to understand what content users are more likely to connect with - and this year video content continues to dominate. Animoto found that 73% of consumers have been impacted by a brands social media presence, and with video sitting at the top as the most popular type of branded content (with 45% naming video as their favourite type of content, doubling photo posts’ 22%), well you do the math.

Instagram is making a bang (still)

In Animoto's recent analysis, they took a look at how video performs on each platform, in terms of driving actual purchases. As expected, Facebook comes out on top as the highest driver of purchases through video content - but the more interesting stats come from comparing to previous years. Here Facebook actually only shows a 2% increase, but Instagram has a huge 17% increase year over year, which means it's definitely the one to watch in 2019.

Learning through Video

Finally, Animoto took a look at what sort of video content consumers enjoyed watching the most - and they found three top performers: how-to-videos, sale or promo videos, and top 5 lists. This shouldn't really surprise anyone who's been on top of video trends for the past few years, as explainers are a go to for video content creators - but the popularity of sale/promo videos alongside the shopping capabilities of some of the top social media platforms make video content a much more promising venture for brands online in 2019.

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