In 2016 video marketing took over the marketing world with websites using video more than ever before! This year has shown even more businesses using video marketing as their number one tool of interacting with consumers.

A recent study done by Google showed that 68% of YouTube users watched product videos and reviews before purchasing a product. Consumers are more likely to trust a business if there is a product video available on their website.

2017 so far has seen an increase in consumer decisions based on what they see through videos, and there also has been an increase in businesses interacting more with their consumers through social media platforms.

Facebook have recently launched their 4k 360 degree live streaming video and also the opportunity to interact with other users through Facebook Spaces, which uses virtual reality to allow users to hang out in a virtual playground.

The live streaming service which Facebook offers has enabled businesses to showcase their products live to their audiences and even answer questions at the same time the stream is going out. Businesses can even share the stream after it has ended, so those who missed it can still view it.

Video marketing is becoming more popular as each year passes, by 2019 it is estimated around 80% of all global consumer internet traffic will come from video. If you are still not using video marketing for your business, adding it into your marketing strategy could help give your business the boost it is looking for.

Not only does using video increase SEO but it gives higher results than standard text posts because it feeds the consumers appetite for visual content and they can easily digest the information.

Good tips to increase engagement is by adding video content on website landing pages, social media platforms and even including them in monthly email newsletters! By using these few simple tips you should notice an increase in consumer engagement, the visual quality of the videos will capture attention in a way that text content doesn’t.

Not having enough time or the budget for it shouldn’t put you off using video marketing for your business. There are lots of different alternatives which are free and do not take a lot of time to plan what content will be shared. Facebook is a free platform to use and it has one of the biggest consumer bases.

No matter what the size of your business or the industry you are working in, video enhances communication between businesses and their audiences. Try adding it into your current marketing plan and you will start to notice the difference it can make to your business. If you need any advice or tips on getting started then please get in contact by emailing or on 020 33 711060.