Podcasts are an amazing medium, their accessibility means that you can indulge in your interests from pretty much anywhere, from the comfort of your car, bed, toilet, office or on a long, meandering walk in the wilderness where you can blissfully ignore the boastful, blossoming Blackthorn in favour of the sweet hum of a stranger’s voice strengthening your dinner party conversation catalogue.

Listening to a podcast is a perfect and easy way to obtain information on the go and there’s a phenomenal range of podcasts out there that can cater for an array of obscure, niche interests – from the viral hit Serial, to a 100 hour history of language podcast that Darren’s currently listening to; every listener can find something that suits their taste.

Being a film production company, plenty of our listening time is dedicated to film focused prattling about budgets, new modes of streaming, casting could-have-beens, industry updates and up and coming technology. We listen to a swarm of podcasts that leave a constant hum of banal film trivia percolating, waiting to pounce…

Here are our picks of the top 5 podcasts for filmmakers:

in no particular order

The first one is the most recent, a short 3-part series looking at the process of getting films funded, made and distributed. It’s a very simple look at the process, which is well-trodden ground for anyone working in the industry, but it’s still interesting, and undoubtedly fascinating to people outside.Mark Kermode

Not that we want this to be a Kermode love-in, but this really is our favourite review podcast. Mayo is a perfect front man and Kermode is hugely knowledgeable and hilariously obnoxious with some questionable taste, which kind of adds to the fun of it all!


This podcast is Darren’s favourite of the lot; interviews with the the creative talent of some of the latest films, primarily dealing with independent films with a few larger features sneaking in. Each interview follows the exact same format – starting out, earlier work, problems, process etc. which is a little jarring at first, but actually provides a platform for an incredibly interesting and insightful look at the process of getting films made. It’s brilliant for experienced filmmakers and producers, but also for film fans craving a deeper insight, it really is that good. Every year there are also Oscar and WGA specials with writers from all nominated films. Subscribe and download every single one in the feed, even the awful films have fascinating stories attached to it.


BAFTA hold regular talks and Q&A’s and this is the place to experience them after the event. This podcast isn’t updated regularly but even the old ones have stunning guests such as Moira Buffini, John Logan and the infamous talk (which we were lucky enough to attend) by the genius Charlie Kaufman.


“A podcast for screenwriters and those interested in all things screenwriting”, it sums itself up perfectly. Screenwriters John August (Alice in Wonderland, Big Fish) and Craig Mazin (Hangover 1-3, Identity Thief) deliver a truly exceptional podcast, being industry veterans they are incredibly experienced in the world of being a working screenwriter and cover a different topic each week – from what makes a perfect agent, to copywright law. On top of this they review listeners scripts in their 3-page challenge, giving a great opportunity for workers, but also the feedback is universally useful. If you are or want to be a screenwriter, you have to listen to this!

So there you go, get listening to all these podcasts.

If you have any favourite film podcasts that we’ve missed, or have a favourite episode of one that we have mentioned, let us know! @blueprintfilm

Also, our friends over at Blueprint:Review have their very own podcast

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