Here at Blueprint: Film HQ we’re always running around with what seems like a million different projects on the go. We just love a bit of everything; video production, events management, live streaming.. you can catch a light summary of all of that, and what we’re all up to every week on the Round-Up blog. Once a month however, we like to do a focus post on something great we have coming up. This month, we’re starting development of a mobile app.

Last week we were absolutely delighted to discover we have the opportunity to work with The Ropewalk, a Barton-based contemporary arts company on the development of a new Mobile App. The App will be historical in nature, allowing users to access and discover the history of Barton town and it’s many museums from their smartphones.

Our experience with design and development of similar apps provides us with a great foundation to get the ball rolling with this exciting new project. We recently developed a highly successful Hidden History app, which played out as a digital treasure hunt for mobile devices. On the App, users can geo-tag their locations around Lincoln to unlock clues and digital content to learn more about the Lincoln’s colourful and rich heritage.


With The Ropewalk App, we plan to take this concept and develop it much further. The new App will use an interactive map to pinpoint areas of historical interest across Barton. Users will be able to visit the locations and unlock a range of content that will heighten their understanding of the locations past, and allow them to interact with the area. As a part of our research for the App, and to allow us to create the most informative, versatile content we are working in collaboration with Wikipedia in resident. We hope that the App will effectively and creatively capture the life of Bartons rich history; to accomplish this we have already layed some exciting plans for the App.


Users will have the opportunity to be lead on specific walks around their interactive maps, to soak in all that Barton’s history has to offer. Alongside this, Blueprint: Film will be using our wealth of experience in video-production to create a selection of short documentaries that will be available through the App. There will be a array of different types of content available at different locations on the map; as well as the afore-mentioned documentaries, we will be creating audio clips for certain areas and historical photographs to compliment them.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 13.33.19

The App is still in it’s early stages, and with a planned launch for summer 2016 we’ll be beavering away at it over the next 12 months. We’ll keep you posted with developments on this project and more information during that time on the blog. But if the weeks are just too far apart, you can catch our daily alerts on out Twitter.

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