As regular readers will know, the single most important addition to your marketing strategy is video. Whether that’s on Youtube, Facebook, or Snapchat they are all beneficial and important for showcasing your brand or product to the world. Snapchat daily views are now in the billions and  Facebook video posts are proven to have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. Each social media platform engages with audiences in different ways and a ‘one size fits all’ approach just won’t cut it. Below are our top tips for getting the best out of video content for each social network.

TOP TIP for Facebook –  Always upload Facebook videos natively

Facebook videos are smart, sharable and personal. It’s the best way to reach your audiences at large scale, and on a more personal level. The important thing to remember about uploading your video onto Facebook, is that you should upload it natively. Facebook will always reward you for doing this. Remember that Facebook users who have already liked your company page, they are already in interested in your products or services. By uploading the video on Facebook and targeting this specific Facebook audience, you know that the the majority of the time, they will like whatever you post!  As businesses you can also use Facebook advertising and it isn’t surprising that Facebook dominated ad revenue in 2016, taking in 67.9 per cent of social media advertising spend. At Blueprint: Film we’ve been delivering targeted social media campaigns for some years, creating films for the likes of Pizza Express, NHBC and Kent County Council.

TOP TIP for Twitter – Respond to as many with Tweets with Videos and stream live events through Twitter video.

Twitter is now seen as a listening platform, rather than a platform that thrives off engagement. It’s main use is for people scan through their newsfeed and read about what’s happening in the world. However, thanks to Twitter’s new video feature, it has started to feel personal again. We can see that Twitter now has incorporated autoplaying videos on the timeline, another nifty feature is that you can now reply to tweets using video messaging. Twitter knows the importance of video!


TOP TIP for Snapchat– Use to engage younger audience, and great way to incorporate creativity and artwork on top of your video content

Snapchatters watch over 10 billion videos per day—an increase of more than 350% since 2015. Unlike other social media platforms, in order to play a video through snapchat, this requires your full attention, as you have to hold down your finger on the screen to play the video. Snapchat reaches billions of people each day, and is many young adults and teens main form of communication, 70% of users are under 30 years of age. There have been numerous examples of brands are using video marketing through Snapchat such as, GrubHub Uses Snapchat to Find a Summer Intern.

TOP TIP for Instagram – Remember you can’t add links to the video or description

In March 2016 Instagram enabled users to upload 60 second videos instead of 15 second ones. A big step forward for marketers and now with the addition of Instagram stories, brands can engage on a more casual and personal basis beyond the more traditional video marketing content on their main feed. Instagram has launched Instagram Live Video, however unlike other platforms, the video disappears straight after the live video has ended. There was 150 million global active users across its entire platform in late September.

Bottom line, there is so much going on with video right now, it’s hard to keep up. But as long as you utilise all the different social media platforms in the correct ways, and all the different video features it has to offer your business, you can’t go wrong with your video marketing strategy! So get out there, and produce some great videos to share with as many people as possible!

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