The end of the month brings two wonderful things: payday, and the films of the month blog. As usual, we’ve spent the month ignoring all the events Lincoln and London have to offer, in favour binge-watching our free time away so that we can bring you the best of the best for September. Grab a cuppa and tune in:

Online Content

I’m considering changing the name of this section to ‘bits and bobs from around the web’ I think that seems like a much more apt description of what this is.

A Blueprint blog wouldn’t be a Blueprint blog without a cheeky Blueprint plug. So the first piece of great content you can find online from this September, was made by us! We teamed up with Pizza Express to make them an online marketing campaign with a little extra sparkle. Famed TV-magician Damien O’Brien joined us in one of their restaurants with a host of hidden cameras to play tricks on some unsuspecting pizza-eaters! We were overwhelmingly pleased to reach over one million views on Facebook in the first week! See the fun below!

8-Bit Cinema – Ghibli Edition
Since we’ve been planning Japan Festival all month, we’ve been going a bit Japan-crazy. Thankfully we found these great little 8-Bit versions of classic Ghibli films. David Dutton has transformed a whole heap of films into 8-Bit wonders on his 8-Bit Cinema channel, but of course we took a particular fancy to this edition, featuring two of our Ghibli favourites – Spirited Away & Princess Mononoke.

Game Of Thrones VFX breakdown
I actually haven’t seen a huge amount of Game of Thrones, but I do love a good VFX breakdown. As someone who has dabbled (extremely briefly, and  not at all successfully) in 3D animation, Maya & After Effects the work and skill that goes into building one scene in something like this is absolutely mind blowing. If you’re a VFX breakdown fan, I can also recommend the Boardwalk Empire breakdowns. Mind blowing stuff.


I was a little underwhelmed with the selection of trailers in September, probably because I’m really excited about lots of things coming this autumn and the trailers for those have been out for some time now! Never the less here’s what’s coming up:

The Good Dinosaur
More from Pixar. With the varied selection of successes under their belt, Pixar don’t really need to release a trailer for us to want to go see it anymore. They could even probably just call the film ‘Pixar animation’ and my interest would be with them. Nevertheless, they’re still trying to impress us, so here’s the trailer for their latest adventure-flick ‘The Good Dinosaur’. Note: There is a UK trailer, but somehow I saw the Spanish one first and I think it’s much better, it better introduces the characters – who are adorable by the way.

Netflix Picks

I don’t feel any introduction is necessary here. This is what we’ve enjoyed on Netflix this month:

Netflix just know what they’re doing with original series. Orange Is The New Black was a blessing and where I wouldn’t rate this as highly as that (or House of Cards for that matter), I do still rate it highly. What Narcos possibly lacked was likeable characters, but in a series about Columbia’s most notorious drug ring, that’s not what I was looking for. Narcos was thrilling, interesting, honest and dark. And Netflix really have a way with narration.

Obvious Child
I was hesitant to watch this because I have found both Jenny Slate and Gaby Hoffman to be hellishly annoying in other things. Both of their performances here were comforting, honest, raw and funny. The two of them made this film what it was, which was highly enjoyable. It tackled some fairly serious issues in a way that was intelligent and light, without being dismissive. An un-expected heart-warmer.


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