October is here but thankfully the warm weather has stayed with us we welcome in Japan Festival! As can be expected, we’ve had an absolutely crazy week slotting the final pieces of the festival together ready for tomorrow! For this weeks Round Up, have a little more info about what we’ve got coming up!

What’s On?

The festival kicks off tomorrow morning with our big, bustling Nintendo Gaming Event! We’re very excited (and also very nervous) as this is going to be our biggest event by far! With 200 tickets sold, and lots of planning in place we’re ready to put our game faces on! We’ll have all the classic Nintendo Consoles, as well as loads of prizes to be won in our Tournaments!


During the week we’ve also got workshops in Sushi, Origami, Calligraphy and Martial Arts and we’re working with some amazingly skilled practitioners to create these bespoke workshops! All workshop tickets have been priced at just £2, to make the festival as accessible as possible.

We’ve also got some great free events coming up in Lincoln’s beautiful Brewhaus bar. We’ve been working with Elika Nakamura who runs Pecha Kucha Nights in Lincoln to curate a Japan-themed Pecha Kucha event! The night will bring together a group of artist and creatives who have been inspired by Japanese culture and give them a place to ‘chitchat’ about their work! We’ll also have free sushi nibbles and a pop-up Kimono Photo booth! Later in the week, on Thursday night we’ll also have free live music, with Cheiko Tezuka coming to play her mesmerising Japanese Koto.

Cheiko Tezuka

Naturally, being a video production company with a background in film, we had to put on some films. So throughout the week we’ll be screening Anime classic ‘Ghost In The Shell’, as well as ‘Onibaba’ – both films will be accompanied by a talk from an expert on their respective subjects. We’ve also got a special kids club screening of ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and ‘Yojimbo’ will screen at our closing party!

There’s even more happening throughout the week that I haven’t mentioned, so if you’re Midlands based and fancy something to do over the next week, head to www.japanfestival.co.uk!

Other Projects

We like to be kept on our toes here at Blueprint so naturally, we’ve had a few other projects on this week too!

The Autumn season of NCS filming has begun!  We’re doing another lip dub film,  this time to ‘Something New’ by Axwell /\ Ingrosso, the film will see NCS volunteers from across Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Northants strutting their stuff in an elaborately choreographed music video.  First stop this week was the Athena Theatre in Leicester.

Darren has also been busy writing the script for Shooting Fish’s annual Goole Bonfire Project. Goole is home to one of the largest bonfire events in the UK, and every year Shooting Fish put on an elaborate performance! Alongside this, we create a radio play, that is played over the bonfire procession!


What We’ve Watched

Mad Men Season 1 (Mikaela)
Loved it. It’s a bit slower to get into than I’d like.. watching it I didn’t feel as ‘hooked’ as I often do with TV series, but I still found it very enjoyable and found myself watching it often. I do love a good period piece, it’s astounding how true to the time the designers and writers managed to get the costume, dialogue and set. Great piece of TV.

Pelo Malo (Dave)
This South American drama follows a young boy obsessed with straightening his hair so that he looks like a singer for his school photo.  Fearing he’s becoming a homosexual, his mum tries her best to ‘straighten’ him out but is largely too preoccupied with trying to find work and keep food on the table.
It’s a subtle drama that works through some strong performances and sensitive handling of its subject matter.  It’s a little slight perhaps and I found the mother a little too harsh towards her son, but on the whole this was a strong piece of social drama.


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