Client: Taxi for Email

Taxi for Email wanted to produce a film that would help to explain the core features of their Email campaign design framework. They found that their sales team were spending lots of time explaining the products and it’s benefits to potential customers and they were looking at ways to streamline this process and be able to embellish it with more real world context. We are are firm believers that often the best people to see your product are in fact your existing customers. Audiences relate to similar situations and people and find common ground between problems and solutions that exist out there.

They had an impressive client list to call upon for customer testimonial so it was decided to focus on 2 businesses that dealt with both similar features of the software but also had benefitted from features that were more specific to their business type. We interviewed representatives from the publishers Hachette and Education First at their London offices to learn first hand how Taxi benefits their business. The testimonials gathered brilliantly demonstrated the features and power of using Taxi for Email and allowed us to create a concise marketing tool for prospective customers to understand the product before contacting the sales team for one to one service.