Client: Overmantels

Overmantels are based in Battersea, where they have been creating beautiful hand made mirrors for over 30 years. The brief from Overmantels was clear. They wanted 2 films to promote the different aspects of their business; the brand heritage and handcrafted nature of their mirrors, and an explanation and promotion of the TV mirror technology. Overmantels had found that explaining the product remotely online to potential customers was difficult – they really did need to be seen to be believed! They wanted to create a version of the showroom online where people would get a much clearer sense of how the mirrors work, and also address many of the FAQ’s that come from customers.


The other aspect of the project was to create a film which showcased the Overmantels brand and celebrated the craftsmanship that goes into every product, from their stock of classic and contemporary designs to the bespoke products created by their in-house design team. We wanted the viewer to be in awe of the production process, to get a sense of the care and dedication of the team behind it and to see the added value in buying a product that is designed and handcrafted in England.

We had 3 production days, with a lot of different elements to film. One key visual device we wanted to produce was a showcase of the range of sizes and style of mirrors that are available. To do this we set up a static camera in the showroom and spent over 5 hours hanging different mirrors to create a stop motion effect in the film where we see the mirrors changing but the room remaining the same. It not only provides a brilliant bridge in the film between different sections, but as a standalone looping film is perfect for Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising campaigns.


To address many of the FAQs from customers regarding the TV mirrors we decide to film an installation. The aim was to show how quick, easy and simple the process is. This same installation also gave us a real lifestyle scenario to show the mirror and TV functions in action.

The craft based footage was shot at 2 separate overmantels workshops, their frame builders in the cotswolds and the finishing workshop in London. The footage was shot with the intention of taking the viewer on a journey through the process, we wanted to maintain a cinematic visual flow throughout, be it through a camera move or the action on screen. At all stages during the production there is moment taking the viewer through the production. We also utilised slow motion for some of the quicker actions in the production, again this was done to balance the pace of the action on screen to maintain the flow.

Understanding the brand, the people and the product was the key to the success of these films. We pride ourselves on getting to the root of a company’s values to inform our productions. The greater knowledge we have as creatives the better equipped we are to produce content which conveys a strong and definitive message to its viewers.