We were approached to create a social media campaign film that would appeal to young people, specifically school leavers, to encourage them to consider a career in the house building industry. The campaign was being run by the NHBC, the National House Building Council. Our approach was to take the universal appeal of LEGO as a basis to create a unique world in which to explore various career paths.

We decided to bookend the film in reality with drone footage of a real housing development that was then used as a template for the bespoke LEGO build. The film was animated in house by Blueprint over the course of 7 days. All of the camera movements and focus pulls are all created in the same stop motion technique as the LEGO content. The faces of the LEGO figures was added in post production to allow us greater flexibility to alter the tone of scenes as well as making for a more engaging end product.

You can read more about the process and ideas behind this production on our blog page.