Client: The EBP

We have built a successful ongoing relation with The EBP in Lincolnshire, creating more than 20 films over the last 4 years. A large part of their work is organising the EM1 NCS program across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. The growth of the program over the years means that the digital outputs have changed and we work alongside the marketing team to constantly push the creative boundaries whilst working under ever-constrained budgets. The challenge is to capture a huge program of activities over 2 months across 3 counties with thousands of young people taking part, within just 3 days of filming. It’s a logistical headache and we are constantly adapting to the situations of the day but we love those kinds of challenges! The final film for Summer 2016 showcases a snapshot of some of the brilliant activities undertaken by NCS participants and serves as a catalyst to continue to grow the numbers of young people taking part throughout the year to new record levels!


Due to the fact we couldn’t physically capture the full range of activities which take place throughout the summer NCS program we designed a series of infographics to communicate some of the statistics as a whole. We wanted to showcase all the different elements of the program through the footage and focus on the fun, skills development and community action work that is the backbone to NCS.