Client: Chesneys

Chesneys approached us after seeing the films we created for Overmantels. As the manufacturer and designer of some of the finest handmade fireplaces in world, Chesneys were keen to have a series of films which demonstrated the care, passion and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of every item in the Chesneys range as well as their bespoke work for customers and institutions around the world. Chesneys have been producing stone fireplaces with the very finest limestone from quarries in Portugal for over 20 years and have been hand carving the stone locally into the range of stunning surrounds seen at Chesneys today. This history, craftsmanship and relation with the same family of craftsmen over this period is something that lent itself to being told through film. We shot the footage over 2 days on location in Portugal; followed by additional footage shot at the London design studios.