Our sister company Blueprint: Film Foundation have just completed an exciting project called Project Watch Me, they worked alongside Purple Moon Drama to produce the creative ‘Ideal Woman’ film.

The project took place over the summer, with the aim of engaging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who were interested in learning more about filmmaking as a career.

The layout of the course included developing a script from scratch and using the ideas of the young people involved. They also planned the whole production and were in total control of how they wanted the film to look. Project Watch Me also taught the young people involved how to operate the camera and other technical equipment. Whilst learning these technical skills they were taught how to creatively tell their story and shoot the film.

Laura Kavanagh, from Blueprint: Film Foundation praised all those involved, “The team were amazing, talented, focused, hard-working individuals who all had amazing ideas. Deciding on the story was possibly the hardest part of the process because there were so many great ideas to choose from!

“Our shoot was fast paced and short but with everyone working so hard and the young people’s dedication and determination, it meant we were able to produce a great film!

The Project Watch Me team enjoyed filming at The Yurt Cafe!

The filming took place over 6 sessions, it took 3 hours per shoot day to get all the scenes needed for the ‘Ideal Woman’ film. After all the filming was complete and the final edit was finished, there was a special screening of ‘Ideal Woman’ so everyone involved with the project could see all the handwork they had put into it.

The film screening took place at The Yurt Cafe which was a perfect and a quaint little venue for a screening! The Project Watch Me team thought this venue was ideal for the screening as some of the scenes were shot there. It was clear from all the smiles at the screening that the team were very proud with what they had created!

Here is the finished film ‘Ideal Woman’, which was filmed and created by the young people involved with Project Watch Me.

If you are interested in working on a project similar to this one, you can contact us at admin@blueprintfilm.co.uk or on  020 33 711060.