We’ve got another Project Focus blog for you this week, where we’ll give you a sneaky peak at of one of the projects we’re currently working on. This week we’ve got a fun one that spans multiple boroughs and involves people aged 9-99 (kind of) – our Make Your Own Screen Heritage project!

Make Your Own Screen sees our lively London office teaming up with Film London and the London Screen Archives to create new short films inspired by the heritage of a London borough and it’s existing archive footage. We’re running 2 projects, with 2 films; one in Bromley and one in Merton!

To create the films, our filmmaker extraordinaire’s (Louis and Laura, who run filmmaking workshops with Blueprint: Film Academy) are working with groups of young people in each Borough. The groups are drawing inspiration for their new flims by looking through existing archive footage, considering what their Borough and it’s heritage and shooting their own footage of their experiences within their local area. Laura and Louis are with each group for a total of 8 weeks, where they’ll teach the groups a range of filmmaking techniques and help them to build a film that represents what their Borough means to them.To add some depth and perspective to the films and archive footage, we’re also working with local residents of the Borough. A large part of this is collaborating with local elderly residents, showing them the archive footage and hearing their ideas for the film, and their breadth of experiences within their Boroughs. We’re really excited to see what the combination of ideas from younger and elder people can bring to the films.


Last week, Louis got a tour of Penge – part of the Borough of Bromley – from the youth group we’re working with there. The young people are really enthusiastic about the film, and the opportunity to have their voices heard. The group took Louis around their favourite spots in Penge and filmed some naturalistic scenes of what they like to do. Meanwhile, Louis captured some behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with the group that will feature in the film. Some of this footage, as well as the archive footage from the London Screen Archives will be shown to the All Saints Church Pensioners Club, who will be contributing their thoughts and ideas over the coming weeks!

Doing the project week-by-week, and sharing the footage and process with a range of different groups of people is very different from the deadline-driven video production we’re used to, but it’s a welcome experience and a great way to see the films slowly grow and take shape!

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