If you saw our recent Project Focus Blog on Blueprint: Film Academy’s partnership with Genesis Community Housing Association, then you’ll know that we enjoy using our filmmaking skills and sharing our experiences to help inspire the next generation of filmmaker superstars. This project is no different, (Well obviously it’s a little different, but you get the idea).

This Spring, we’ve partnered up with Hoxton Hall and Hackney Council to run an ongoing filmmaking course for 14-19 years olds in the local area. Having started on the 13th January and run every week since, the course is currently coming to the end of it’s first term, with a Premiere of the first short film tomorrow (oooooh)!

The course is very wide, featuring guides and workshops on all the important factors of filmmaking. With Laura and Louis at the wheel, our young film-lovers are taken on a tour of scriptwriting and idea development, storyboarding, blocking, scheduling and planning. They are given a breakdown of key equipment – camera operation, lighting and the importance of sound while being shown a range of techniques that they can expand and develop into their own filmmaking styles.

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This term, we have developed heaps of ideas and whittled them down into three key scripts! The first – the afore mentioned short to be screened tomorrow – is a horror piece shot entirely on-location in Hoxton Hall itself! We may not have mentioned yet that Hoxton Hall is an absolutely stunning  music hall built in 1860. The location would be fantastic for any number of films, and the filmmakers within us couldn’t bare to see it go unused! The young people involved got really creative with the location, scouting out all the best areas for perfectly framed shots and we’re very excited to see them watch their creation tomorrow evening!

If you’re aged 14-19 and living in Hackney, why not come along to a Film Club session, learn some new skills and flex you’re creative muscles! Our next term will be starting soon, and if you want to sign up, all you have to do is head to Hoxton Hall’s website. If you’re living in the Woodberry Down area, you might be interested in a similar course we’re running there, check out Blueprint: Film Academy for more info!

Keep you eyes peeled for more Project Focus Blogs for more information about the work we do all around the country, or if you’re really eager to know more, follow us on Twitter @Blueprintfilm!

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