It’s been a while since our last Project blog post, but don’t worry – we’re back with an update on our Barton Heritage App!

Last year we posted about an exciting new project: a mobile app which allows users to explore the history of Barton town. One year on, we thought we’d update you on how the project is going (spoiler: it’s going pretty well)!

Barton is a historical treasure trove featuring some of the UK’s key heritage sites, including one of the only remaining anglo-saxon buildings. It is also the birthplace of Chad Varah – founder of the Samaritans, and was once home to the worlds largest cycle works. The town has buildings of historical significance from a range of eras, from the 1500s up until the 20th century.

White Lion on Market Place

(a Victorian picture of Barton’s Market Place)

Over the last 12 months, David and Mikaela have been researching the history of the town from our Lincoln office, as well as visiting Barton itself. So far, they’ve collected a range of interviews to feature on the app, including those with people that worked, lived and experienced Barton during some of the most interesting points of its history.

Modern Market Place

(The Market Place today)

The app will feature original photographs and historical memorabilia of Barton’s history, as well as first-hand stories in interviews, historical recreations, video footage, audio clips and more. Users will be able to stand at the heritage sites and experience the history of the location first hand.

The next step in the project is writing text for the app itself, as well as scripts for some of the videos. This involves combining all the research from our various sources and making it clear and accessible.

You can keep up to date with our progress on our weekly Round Up blog, as well as on Twitter at @blueprintfilm!

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