A group of young people came together in Shadwell to create a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style video, taking it in turns to show off their culinary skills. The group split into three different teams who hosted themed nights for the project.

The aim of this project, which was organised by our sister company Blueprint: Film Foundation, was to offer young people the chance to achieve their Bronze Arts Award.

A few ideas were discussed, such as filming a short horror in a school but not everyone was keen on this. Food is a strong passion amongst all team members, so creating a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style video seemed perfect.


The groups took it in turns to cook and film each other’s hosting night. 

The first night was a Bollywood theme, the starter included Chicken Tikka and baby potato skewers, the main was Keema Biryani, and the dessert was not so Bollywood themed Eton Mess!

Allocated judges got to taste the food and scored accordingly to what they thought the food deserved. The food wasn’t enjoyed by everyone, the main course was described as being too salty but the Chicken Tikka skewers were enjoyed by all.

The not so Bollywood themed desert Eton Mess.

“I didn’t think the food was that great”

There were mixed reviews about the Bollywood themed night, one of the judges commented, “I didn’t think the food was that great, the chicken was too salty, the rice was burnt and cold.” In total the team scored 22 out of a possible 40 points.

The second team had a 50’s style American diner theme, the main included beef burgers with a side of onion rings, fries and sweet potato fries. Despite using pre-prepared food they still managed to burn three burgers! They hoped their sneaky cheating would go unnoticed by the judges.

Group two used sneaky tactics and cooked pre-prepared food without telling the other group!

The team were rumbled when it came to the judges trying the food, they knew instantly that the meal wasn’t cooked from scratch but they still thought the group tried hard and the food tasted nice. Overall team two received 32 points out of a possible 40 points which put them in the lead against team one.

The 50’s themed night was a big success for team two!

The third team and the last group to host decided on a Chinese themed evening, the starter was a noodle soup, served with Chinese vegetables and the main was chicken noodle stir fry. The contestants judging struggled slightly to eat with the chopsticks but they had mastered them by the time the main course arrived!

Despite getting good scores from the judges, team three scored 25 out of a possible 40 points which meant their night had been beaten by the 50’s themed evening. The winners received The Hummingbird Bakery recipe book which will enable team two to carry on practising their cooking and baking skills!

Team two will not be able to take short cuts when baking delicious cakes from the recipe book!

When all the evenings had been hosted and the filming was complete, the groups had a go at editing and adding narration to their ‘Come Dine With Me’ style video, they are going to set up a premiere for the final version so their friends and family can see what they have accomplished.

If you are interested in taking part or looking to host a project similar to this one, Blueprint: Film Foundation can help. More information and contact details are available on the website.

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