Wendy Fair Markets, which was started in the 70s by Ken and Wendy Hobday, are a successful family market operating business. They recently commissioned Blueprint: Film to create a series of timelapse videos which could be used on their website and social media channels to promote their market days.

The aim was to capture, in timelapse form, the life of the market during their incredibly popular Bank Holiday Monday and Saturday markets.

The filming took place at their events in Bourn, South Cambridgeshire and Bovingdon, Hertfordshire. To get the best footage, two GoPro cameras were mounted remotely on top of a Portakabin. These were hooked up to USB powerbanks and weather-sealed to allow footage to be captured throughout the day from 6am to 6pm.

The best place to capture the footage was on top of a burger van!

Chris, who is based in the London office, was in charge of completing this project. He explained how the time lapse was captured, “We used a Canon 5D MIII alongside a Rhino evo rail with motion controller and arc to allow for smooth controlled pan and slides of the ground.

“The Rhino rig gave us incredible creative flexibility over what could be shot, with full control over shutter interval and move duration. The rhino is a great portable package control with internal batteries that easily see out the day (unlike the GoPro!).”

The Rhino rig proved to be a big success in this project!

The next bank holiday is fast approaching and these have proven to be very popular amongst market visitors. The Bourn Bank holiday Monday market regularly attracts around 20,000 customers each market day and has been established for many years.

The footage captured will be released as separate clips online across the Wendy Fair social media accounts in the run up to their Bank Holiday Markets at both sites and their weekly Saturday market at Bovingdon.

This is the time lapse video completed for the Bourn market day. 

More information on the next events at either location is available on the Wendy Fair Markets website.

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